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Is electrolysis for you?

Is electrolysis for you?

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When it comes to hair removal there are various options available, you may have been considering electrolysis so we’ve put together some information to help you decide ……

Electrolysis might be a good option for you:

  •  If your hair colour and skin tone is not suitable for laser, for example electrolysis unlike laser will work on any colour of hair including blonde, grey, white or red hair.  Often after a course of  laser treatments there are the odd few hairs left often lighter in colour which electrolysis can ‘mop up’ so to speak and finish the job.
  • Do you want to permanently remove small areas of hair on your body or face ? Electrolysis is the ONLY recognised hair removal method that can boast permanent hair removal as opposed to permanent hair reduction.
  • Do you feel self-conscious about excess hair? Excess hair can cause self esteem problems particularly on areas such as the face.

Electrologists have undergone specialised training to perform electrolysis. If you are considering electrolysis, it is important to research before committing to sessions. The wrong decision could mean additional costs and treatments with unnecessary discomfort and scarring.

One way to ensure is to ask the electrologist if they use the needle electrolysis, which is the only permanent form of hair removal, as opposed to electronic tweezers which is not. Also ask friends and family as well as your doctor if they know a good electrologist. Word of mouth is the highest recommendation. It is also a good idea to check the salon’s website and read reviews.

Electrolysis is effective and the right procedure for any hair and skin colour, unlike Laser hair removal which is only effective on dark hair and fair to medium skin tone. Electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal system and has been around since the 1900’s. The treatment removes individual hairs from the face and body. The growth centre of the hair is destroyed by the electric current passed down through a very fine needle which is inserted into the hair follicle, and then the hair is removed with tweezers.

Most areas on the body can be treated with electrolysis but its mainly small areas on the face, including eyebrows, lip, chin, cheeks and neck. There are generally no side effects, but sometimes a temporary, slight reddening of the skin may occur.


What Causes Unwanted Hair Growth?

Hair growth is the result of heredity, hormone levels, medications and some illnesses. Even some forms of temporary hair removal can stimulate hair growth. For example tweezing the odd few hairs on your chin can encourage the hair to grow back more and coarser. Electrolysis may be an option when hair growth is in an area of the body most noticeable.

How many treatments of electrolysis will I need?

As mentioned above, many factors influence hair growth. Determining which condition that is causing additional hair growth will help in knowing approximately how many sessions will be required. For example one condition such Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) results in having more hair than usual, often on your top lip, chin, around your nipples and in a line down from your tummy button – this is called hirsutism. Treating PCOS is more of a management programme rather than permanent removal.

How often will I need to attend appointments?

The total number of treatments required to permanently remove hair from a particular area will vary from person to person. Many clients return once a week or every two weeks as needed, and as time goes on the length of time between each treatment will get longer. However the unwanted hair will be gone forever once the series of treatments is complete.

How long does treatment take?

Each treatment lasts between 5 minutes and one hour.

Is Electrolysis painful?

The majority of our clients report that electrolysis is more uncomfortable than painful, our pain threshold can vary, feeling tired or anxious for example can affect our tolerance to the treatment. There is topical cream available available at most pharmacies that will numb the pain.

If you are still unsure about Electrolysis or have other questions of your own, please call us, email or FB us any concerns you may have.



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