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Inch Loss Body Wraps – do they really work?

Inch Loss Body Wraps – do they really work?

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Theres no better time to consider getting a body wrap than just after the Christmas and the New Year season, most of us have had one or two mince pies too many, hence losing a few extra inches may sound appealing.

To achieve good results and maintain a healthy body weight and stay in the same dress size, there is not one thing that will do this for you. A combination of a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet, a regular exercise regime and a inch loss body wrap may be the answer for you.

I have spoken to several fitness instructors and even Davina McCall confirms that exercising at home or going to the gym three times a week is the perfect solution.. To get the full benefits from training you have to put in the hours. Working out on its own is not enough, diet and exercise go hand in hand.

Personally I am not concerned about how much I weigh, I am more interested in my clothes feeling comfortable on me. If you have an important event to attend or if you simply feel your clothes are feeling on the ‘tight side’ why not kick start your new year with a Harley Body wrap. The wrap is ideal for immediate inch loss as the solution removes toxins from the body.  Lose from 6 to 20 inches on your first wrap. Many of our clients will opt for one treatment however there is no doubt optimum results are achieved with a Course of 6  body wraps.

How does it work?

The bandages we use for the body wrap are soaked for a minimum of 2 hours in a formula of Aloe Vera which contains vitamins and minerals, the solution improves conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and aids in detoxing as well as inch loss.

What can I expect during the treatment?

The therapist will chat to you to find out which areas of concern you are interested in targeting and your expectations regarding treatment. After the consultation your body will be measured in eighteen different points.  The areas included will be bust, waist, hips, upper, mid and lower thighs, legs and arms. This is followed by a full body dry brushing which boosts the circulation and opens up the pores. The body is then wrapped in the warm bandages and a sauna suit is put on you  to keep you warm, allowing the Harley wrap formula to penetrate into the skin. You are cocooned for one hour giving you time to relax, read, fall asleep or have a facial.

What are the benefits of a wrap?

The benefits of the wrap is to detoxify the body enabling the wraps to absorb and draw out toxins in the skin and making it efficient in drawing out excess water from the skin.  After one hour the bandages are removed and the body is re-measured in the same places and recorded on a consultation sheet showing you where the inch loss has occurred. You should fell less bloated and your skin will be smoother and hydrated. This effect can last up to 72 hours. A course is recommended to maintain this inch loss, but you can have a single wrap treatment in order to fit into a dress or outfit for a wedding or a special occasion.

There is an offer for January for a full Harley Body wrap with a facial at £55

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