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Makeup & Beauty Must Haves for Anyone in a Hurry

Makeup & Beauty Must Haves for Anyone in a Hurry

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Do you find it a struggle to balance work, family and social life when your ‘getting ready time’ has been severely cut down?  For most of us it can seem impossible to find the time to look and feel our best but fear not! For we have the perfect products to help you look fabulous in minutes to ensure you remain glamourous even in a hurry.

First things first, a good even skin tone…foundation and powder can takes ages with all the blending and buffing. So why not try a BB cream? A BB cream (blemish balm) is so fast and easy, and can give you that flawless base. A BB cream can be used as a primer, tinted moisturiser, a concealer and a day cream all in one. This cream can also be applied with just your fingers so no need for that blending brush!

One BB cream that I would recommend would be the Estee Lauder Day Wear BB


* Anti-Oxidant Beauty Benefit Crème *

This BB cream also contains SPF 35 which is an added extra to protect your skin as well!

If the mixed matched socks and the unbrushed hair doesn’t give away that you’re in a rush, maybe those dark eye circles will! And instead of piling on the concealer we have a fantastic two in one eye wand that will help you look awake and refreshed!

The Charolette Tilbury mini miracle eye wand can work wonders. The mini miracle eye wand is a dual ended eye pen, one end has a lightweight gel-cream hybrid that leaves the skin around the eyes looking fresh and well rested ….. this gel-cream consistency is a potent cocktail of hyaluronic acid, rice proteins and peptides!

The other ended on the eye pen is a light diffusing liquid concealer that actually covers up dark circles with out sinking into fine lines – now that definitely is a miracle!

Image result for charlotte tilbury miracle eye pen

So now we’ve got a beautiful even base, your dark eye circles are covered, now lets add a bit of colour! Contouring and highlighting – ain’t nobody got time for that when you’ve got 10 minutes to get ready! So the next best thing, cream blusher. Cream blusher is great, because it can be used for multipurpose! Your cream blush can be used on your cheeks, on your eye lids, and on your lips as well! Another little tip, try a cream blush with a little bit of sheen in it, as it adds a nice healthy glow to your skin!

One product that I would recommend would be the Bourjois cream blush. It’s easily applied (fingers work just fine), it’s inexpensive, and there’s several colours to suit your skin!

Image result for cream blusher

If you’ve got another 60 seconds to spare, let’s do something with our eye brows. Eye brows really do frame your face, you wont believe the difference they can make! But in 60 seconds I don’t think you have them time to carve out that “fleeky” eye brow.. an amazing brow saver would be the Benefit Gimme Brow. Benefit’s Gimme Brow is a brush on fiber gel that holds your brows in place, it adds depth and colour and make’s them look ‘groomed’. This product comes in two shades light/medium and medium/dark so it will suit most hair colours!

Image result for benefit gimme brow

So now you are looking like a natural put together beauty.. and with all these products I can guarantee it has taken you less than 10 minutes to actually get ready – whether you did it in the car, on the train or sitting at your desk at school or work!

An extra product that is optional but may just safe your life as well.. Dry shampoo. Oh my goodness this is a must for me when I’m running late! Dry shampoo helps to soak up access oil in your hair, it refreshes your hair, it gives more volume to your roots, it smells great – AND it allows you to skip that morning shower and having to wash your hair!

One brand I would highly recommend would be Batiste. Batiste dry shampoos are brilliant – they have loads of different scents to choose from – and depending on what your hair actually needs – I’m sure they’ve got it!

Image result for dry shampoo

Hopefully this blog has helped if you are generally a person who is always getting ready in a hurry – even if you have all the time in the world – these are all brilliant products to just minimize the time you need to take to look fabulous…because looking fabulous is timeless.


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