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Best face masks to keep your skin looking fresh and flawless!

Best face masks to keep your skin looking fresh and flawless!

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You cleanse, you tone, and exfoliate 3 times a week (If you’re lucky!), you moisturize and that’s about it. You look at your face thinking “I need a bit of life”.. and sometimes you’re not really sure what to do with your skin.

Then do you ever sit on the couch on a Friday night with a bowl of popcorn, a tub of ice cream, and a towel on your head, wondering what can you do to pick yourself up?

Why not try a face mask? They’re so simple yet so effective in many ways. Face masks are a great way to treat your skin, and the best thing about it is, there are so many different masks to choose from, and to suit what your skin needs.

So in todays blog we will be discussing why to use a mask, what masks might be good for your skin, and how to/how often you should apply them.

So why should I use masks? Well there are several reasons why..

First thing, it’s a great way to RELAX, yes I said it, R E L A X. Face masks allow you at least 10 minutes of down time (depending on the mask you choose). This can be a therapeutic time to just sit down, kick your feet up, and let the mask do it’s magic!

Secondly, it’s an extra treat for your skin… and even better, the results are normally instant – who doesn’t love instant results! If your skin is dull and needs brightening, or if its congested and oily it may need some unclogging, a mask is a fantastic way to really give your skin an extra oomf!

The list of reasons are infinite, and if you’re not already on Amazon looking for a mask to buy – you will be,after I tell you a bit about the different kinds of masks and best ones for each skin type!

Masks come in all different forms..

You have clay masks, sheet masks, peel off mask, cream masks, and organic masks.

Clay masks are one of the most commonly used in the world of face masks, and they are great for oily/combination skin. The clay helps to absorb up the excess oil, draw out impurities and it also helps to reduce pimples and redness. These masks always remind me of the Mrs. Doubtfire scene!

A great clay mask is Glamglow’s Super Mud clearing treatment! This mask helps to draw out impurities, remove black heads, deep cleanses, and gives your skin an amazing glow – hence the name of the brand. With ingredients like kaolin, and glycolic acid this is a great one for you oily prone people!



Sheet masks are a bit funky, and you look a bit crazy with them on, but basically it’s a thin cotton sheet, which is doused in a liquid based formula. Sheet masks are serum based, so they are for either hydrating, brightening, or to treat fine lines.

Sarah Champman skinesis 3D moisturise infusing mask is amazing! This mask is 440 times finer than fabric masks, so you can be sure to get the most out of the hydrating plumping ingredients.

Sarah Chapman Skinesis 3D Moisture Infusion Mask, £39 for 4


Peel off masks are quite fun too! Peel masks come in the form of gel, paraffin wax or plastic subtypes. These kind of masks are great for mature, sensitive or for congested skin as they can really help to remove black heads (which look really cool when they come out!)

Boscia Cool Blue Calming mask is great for sensitized, inflamed skin. With ingredients like aloe vera and sea whip, it’s amazing for calming the skin.. the mask goes on blue which adds an extra bit of fun!



Cream masks are typically for softening skin. They’re brilliant for adding moisture and rejuvenation, these masks are usually cooling and refreshing which sounds really enjoyable. The creamy, cooling texture of these masks makes them another fantastic type for the dry, mature skin type.


And finally organic masks, organic masks can come pre-made, or you can even create your own at home! One tip for making a face mask at home is to ensure everything is organic, non-organic ingredients can contain pesticides that are not suitable to use on your delicate skin! Probably haven’t thought of putting honey, oatmeal and banana on your face now have you! LOL. Organic masks can be tailored for what your skin needs!

A simple at home mask that can be whipped up in a hurry is a cucumber and avocado mask, with a dash of honey. This mask is ideal for sensitive or dry skin, as cucumber is well known for its soothing qualities and the natural oils and vitamins in the avocado make it a nutrient rich mask with hydrating qualities. To give this mask a nice finish add natural honey, which also hydrates and tones to give you that fresh facial glow. What are you waiting for, raid the fridge and see what you can cook up!


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