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Looking for Paradise?

Looking for Paradise?

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Todays world seems to be becoming even more busy, like a thief it steals -our precious time and energy are taken. Feeling cheated we seek havens to reclaim some serenity back, we want to de-stress, feel nourished and be spoilt rotten! Just close your eyes, think of Bali – sacred places, picture card beaches, vibrant colour, wonderful aromas from spices to exotic flowers- feel content, rejuvenated and alive.

Indonesian Massage, from the spice Islands of Indonesia dates back 4000 years and honours the ancient rituals of healing, revitalisation, and beautification. Although a deep oil based massage, the therapist will start with a dry massage, she needs to use her body weight to achieve the depth needed to work on the body and remove blocked energy and wind. The oil used is therapeutic and benefits both the circulatory and lymphatic systems releasing the natural and self healing powers. Indonesian techniques are designed to give very deep stimulation to the the soft tissues, this intuitively follows the courses of the chinese energy meridian and is extremely effective for sports injuries. Even more this form of massage can do is to ease conditions affecting abdominal organs such as indigestion and irratable bowel syndrome.

So Strewn with the aromatic scents of coconut and ginger, the luxury of peace and harmony plus the creation of a holistic wellbeing………

We can say Paradise found !!

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