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Creating The New You

Creating The New You

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Ladies,we can all relate to looking in the mirror and saying, ‘ I just don’t look as young or as fresh as I once did’.  ‘Well thats me, early 40’s and inundated with media coverage of the latest and best procedures available, but what do we really know about them, what do they involve, how much do they cost and will I really see any results?’

A consultation with Beauty Haven’s specialist doctor is quick and indepth and will quickly determine the most suitable treatment for you.

Anti-wrinkle injections really are just a preventative measure, which actually stops you from frowning giving a much fresher and younger look.

Hydrafill is also available and perfect for areas such as nasal labial folds and smokers lines. A gentle anesthetic cream is applied to the area receiving the filler then hydrafill is injected into the various ‘layers’ of the line to fill from the deeper layers, out to skin level. The procedure itself is effortless, simple and painless, and the results are instantanoeus

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