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Keri’s Make Up Tips – Eyes

Keri’s Make Up Tips – Eyes

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This week I am going to share my top tips for great looking eye shadow whatever the occasion. Whether you prefer to keep it simple and natural looking or if you love a show stopping shimmer, Jane Iredale will have an eye shadow to suit you. Jane Iredale’s eye shadow range provides ever-lasting shades that promote crease-free, stay-put colour for a lasting look and easy-to-blend formulations that nourish those sensitive eye areas.

The range of eye shadows by Jane Iredale are a favourite of mine because no matter what look I’m going for there is a shade to suit. With the collection of eye shadows ranging from PurePressed eye shadow, eye gloss and eye steppes to lid primers and 24-karat gold dust it can be hard to know which product will be best for you. It really depends on the style or look you want to achieve as to which eye shadow will suit you.

PurePressed eye shadows are highly pigmented and easy to blend allowing for a crease-free, long lasting eye colour.

Eye gloss adds a wash of colour to your eye lid and if you want a more intense colour then I’d advise using it as a primer before applying eye shadow. A great benefit of the glosses are that they don’t fade or smudge once dry!

Eye steppes allows you to mix and match shades with its interchangeable shelves. Simply pick a compact that best matches either your eye colour or skin tone .

Lid primer adds a subtle highlight to the eye lid and can be worn either alone or with eye shadow on top to add some extra colour.

The 24-karat gold dust can be applied to eye lids for a delicately gilded look with the range of shades allowing for mix and matching to suit any mood.

Prices range from £12.00 to £39.95

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