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85% of Woman don’t get enough Vitamin D !

85% of Woman don’t get enough Vitamin D !

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Vitamin D is important for strong bones and overall wellbeing but what most people don’t realise is that it is essential for healthy skin. We produce Vitamin D when we are exposed to sunlight but sadly the lack of sunshine in the UK coupled with the use of sunscreens means that around 85% of woman don’t get enough.

Vitamin D benefits the skin in three ways:

  1. The first is the ability to help skin rejuvenate itself. We lose around 30,ooo cells every minute and they are replaced by a renewal process dependant on Vitamin D. Clients deficient in Vitamin D means that their cells won’t proliferate as well as they should, the result is thin sagging skin.
  2. Vitamin D boosts the skins immunity, it speeds up healing and helps protect wounds against infection by promoting antimicrobial agents.In fact ultra violet light therapy is often prescribed for psoriasis.
  3. Vitamin D is a powerful antioxidant which fights free radicals that can cause premature ageing.

Below is a list of high Vitamin D foods :

Cod Liver Oil

Various types of fish (particularily raw fish). Fish canned in oil will have more vitamin D than those canned in water.

Fortified cereals, although be sure to pick cereals which have little to no refined sugars and hydrogenated oils !



Tofu and soy milk.

Salami, ham and sausages ( although also high in cholesterol and sodium)

Fortified dairy products.



Although natural sunlight is the most efficient way for the body to manufacture Vitamin D (also known as the sunshine vitamin) suppliments are available from suppliers such as Holland and Barrett and Boots.



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