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Keri’s Make Up Tips – Lips

Keri’s Make Up Tips – Lips

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This week I’m going to share some tips about a few of my favourite lipsticks and lip glosses offered by Jane Iredale. You may be in need of a new everyday lipstick or lip gloss to give you a glossy shine, or maybe you want something that’s more rich and intense for those special occasions. Jane Iredale’s range of glosses and lipsticks are favourites of mine because not only do they give a lovely colour and shine to your lips but they also nourish and hydrate them.

PureGloss Lip Gloss is available in 18 different shades so you’re sure to find a colour that suits you perfectly for any occassion. With an improved formula these glosses soothe, hydrate and nourish your lips whilst also providing a long lasting glossy and creamy look.

PureMoist Lipstick is a blend of vivid pigments with nourishing natural oils and superfruit extracts that gives petal‐soft lips that feel, look and taste amazing. The continuously creamy, rich and smooth formula glides on easily for long‐lasting, high-impact colour.

Lip Fixation is a two-in-one product that contains a lip stain and lip gloss in complementary colours. The stain soothes and prepares lips for long-lasting, supples coverage that doesn’t dry out. Just make sure to let the stain dry before applying the the lip gloss!

*Prices range from £17.85 for PureMoist lipstick, £18.95 for PureGloss lip gloss and £20.46 for Lip Fixation.

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