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New Year, New Smoother You!!! Laser Hair Removal

New Year, New Smoother You!!! Laser Hair Removal

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This is the perfect time of year to consider laser hair removal. New Year, New Smoother You.

Winter months are the perfect time to commence treatments because 30 days before treatment starts and 30 days after treatment skin should not be exposed to the sunlight as this causes photosensitivity and the skin may burn. We therefore strongly recommend using an SPF30 after treatment to prevent burning or pigmentation even on a sunny day in Northern Ireland during the winter.

If you have fair skin and dark hair you are the ideal candidate for laser as you will get great results. Unfortunately laser does not work on light, red or grey hairs. Darker skin can be treated by laser but believe it or not a darker skin can burn more easily therefore the energy is kept much lower and may require an extra session or two. If you are unsure if either your skin or hair colour is suitable for laser hair removal, book in for a free, no obligation consultation to determine suitability of treatment. A small area is tested with the laser and any questions you may have can be answered.

At the consultation the therapist will explain the procedure of the laser treatment and advise approximately how many treatments are required and the costs involved. No two people are the same therefore treatment plans will be discussed for your individual needs.

The advantages to laser hair removal are large areas of the body can be treated relatively quickly as opposed to other methods of hair removal. resulting in longer time in between treatments giving long lasting results.

An example of a typical area such as  full legs can be treated in about an hour and if you follow a treatment plan of 6 sessions, one treatment every six weeks by September you could be hair free.

Other popular areas for woman are upper lip, chin, underarm and bikini which can be treated in a lunch hour appointment. Facial hair removal can be treated every four weeks, and a typical six sessions treatment plan could be completed by June or earlier if the whole six sessions are not required. Popular areas for men are the back, chest and beard.

We have been carrying out these treatments for almost 14 years with great success, here are just some of our clients comments and reviews:-

  • Had my 1st laser hair removal session, the therapist today was amazing. She made it very easy. Confident, friendly and professional 5* service. Cant wait to come back for the rest of my sessions. Thank you.
  • Excellent as always, very happy with results.
  • Was advised I may need 6 sessions or more for my extended bikini line, after one session was amazed at the amount of hair that fell out after one treatment.
  • Noticed a significant reduction in hair only after a couple of treatments and the hair regrowth has slowed down.
  • Fabulous service as ever – quickly becoming a member of our extended family due to brilliant service and friendly caring approach.
  • 5 out of 5

Whilst on a treatment plan with laser it is advised not to use any other form of removing hair  such as waxing or tweezing, the only exception is that you can shave. The therapist will shave the hair before treatment to avoid the skin burning. Following treatment, the hair on the area being treated will shed the follicle and fall out after approximately two weeks. The advantages of being able to shave between treatments if required means you are not undoing any of the work done by the therapist and you can maintain a hair free look.  A lot of clients are initially concerned especially on facial areas that if they shave,the hair will grow back as stubble but you are effectively shaving hair that should fall out and regrow much finer.

Our top five benefits of using laser hair removal as opposed to any other form of hair removal.

  1. Precision – Laser can selectively target hair whilst leaving the surrounding skin area undamaged.
  2. Speed – Many hairs can be treated at the same time as the laser takes a fraction of second.
  3. Cost effective – Take into account the amount spent on waxing over a prolonged period of time, usually years. Or the money spent on razors and shaving foams.
  4. Time – No need to shave every day.
  5. Ingrown Hairs – Most other forms of hair removal can cause ingrown hairs, laser hair removal tends to end this problem.

If a “Smoother You” is on your wish list then give us a call or book a free consultation with Beauty Haven, who will be happy to discuss your requirements and tailor a treatment plan that suits you.

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