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Waxing tips for beginners

Waxing tips for beginners

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People always wonder before they get their first wax, ‘are my hairs long enough?’,’ will this be painful?’, not really knowing what to expect. If it is your first time waxing, there are a couple of simple steps you need to follow before and after the wax to ensure you get the best possible result.

Hair growth should be about 1-2 cm long which would roughly be 3-4 weeks of growth. This enables the therapist to easily remove the hairs from the follicle. If the hairs are too short this results in hairs not being removed effectively or if too long can be quite uncomfortable for the client.

You need to avoid exposing your skin to sunlight or use of sunbeds 24 hours before waxing.  This is to avoid any burning to the skin area as it will be much more sensitive and delicate.

It is always important to inform your therapist if you are on any medication or have any conditions/diseases or disorders.  This is especially important if taking a medication such as Retin A. The reason is, waxing removes skin cells even when performed properly and it will exfoliate your skin.  Retin-A can also thin the skin as it removes the dead skin cells from the areas being treated and peeling is very common. If you were to wax while taking Retin A you could be left with a red, glossy looking wound that will probably turn into a pigmented area.  It could also result in bleeding and scabbing.

After you have had your waxing treatment it is important for you to look after your skin and follow the aftercare your therapist will advise you.  You should avoid any heat treatments such as having a hot bath, shower or the use of a sauna/Jacuzzi.  Again a sun bed should be avoided 24 hours before a wax and 24 hours plus, after a wax.  Any of these heat treatments above would lead to red irritated skin and could lead to burning on the recently waxed area.

Your therapist will finish up your waxing treatment by applying a thin layer of aloe vera or an after wax lotion.  It would be advised not to use any other product for 24 hours post waxing.  If having an underarm wax, most people would feel like they need to reapply a deodorant, however this would nor be recommended.  Try to also avoid any perfumed body lotions or fake tan over any waxed areas.

Avoid wearing tight or restricted clothing on the body areas which have been waxed.  The reason for this is due to it increasing the chances of causing ingrown hairs or causing irritation from the clothing rubbing on area.

There are many people who suffer from ingrown hairs, if you find that you are prone to them the best advise would be to exfoliate your skin every 4-7 days and apply a body moisturizer.  We sell a product called INGROWN GO by Skin Doctors.  This helps remove ingrown hairs and can be applied to the following areas; legs, underarms, bikini line, face or any other areas on the body which suffers from hairs being trapped.  This product retails in the salon at £10.95.

Retin A is a big contraindication as mentioned above, however there are many other contraindications for being waxed. Some contraindications include; recent scar tissue, allergies due to ingredients found in the wax, bruising, cuts, psoriasis, eczema, sunburn and medication which can thin the skin (waxing could cause a tear to the skin with thinned skin).

At Beauty Haven we require all of our clients to fill out a consultation form prior to any treatment.  This is a important way to ensure we have all knowledge of any contraindications or medical changes.

There are a several types of wax which can be used for removing hair on any part of the body.  We prefer to use honey wax and tea tree wax.  Tea tree wax is most suitable for those who have sensitive red skin.  It contains a gentle soothing ingredient, however it still removes the hairs as effectively as the honey wax.

Details of the waxing that we offer can be seen in our price lists in salon or also on our website www.beautyhavenbelfast.com

If you would like to book in please call us in salon on 028 9066 6628 or you also have the option to book online 24/7.


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