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How laser hair removal can help bring back your confidence!

How laser hair removal can help bring back your confidence!

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Many of us have problems with our confidence when it comes to hair growth. Growing hair in places where you have never had it before or developing thickening body hair is an incredibly sensitive topic because our perspective can vary widely, whilst one person may want to get rid of hair as quickly and permanently as possible, another may be happy to let the hair grow as a natural expression of themselves. The ‘au naturale’ look may have been popular many years ago but these days we would raise an eyebrow at excessive armpit,leg or bikini hair. Today’s style, it’s much more common to have no hair anywhere except on your head. Unfortunately most women at some point have experienced the surprise of hair showing up where they would rather not have it; often certain key stages in life where hormonal levels fluctuate are often the cause of unwanted hair.

Waxing and shaving can help remove that unwanted hair, although often this becomes a daily ritual and can frequently leave us with ingrown hairs or razor bumps. Ingrown hairs and razor rash are a common problem and can also cause self esteem issues.

Ellipse IPL Hair Removal has come up with a treatment which will help bring back your confidence. There will be no more using tweezers, shaving everyday or going to painful waxing appointments. The treatment works best on fair skinned individuals with dark hair. Unfortunately at this stage if you have blonde, grey or white hair electrolysis is still the best option although a much slower alternative to laser.

The laser hair removal requires at least 4-6 sessions. These treatments will destroy the hair which will result in a more permanent reduction and will reduce possibilities of the hairs becoming ingrown. The treatment is known as permanent hair reduction as opposed to permanent hair removal as we have no way of controlling future hormonal fluctuations. You will however see a massive reduction, (between 85-95%) and will feel much more confident.

*The treatment protocol requires you to have a patch test prior to first treatment as there  may be contraindications to treatment such as certain medications, tanned skin etc. A skin test will be preformed and providing you have no reactions after 48 hours you can proceed with the treatment. You are advised to avoid sun exposure 30 days before and after treatment.

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There are several ways to remove unwanted hair, shaving, plucking, waxing, depilatory creams, and threading but for a more permanent solution seek out a reputable clinic and opt for laser/IPL or electrolysis. It is a requirement in Northern Ireland to Be registered with the RQIA (Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority) those clinics registered are regularly inspected to ensure standards of health and safety are met. Clinics should have their certificate on display and don’t be afraid to ask to see it. If in doubt visit the www.rqia.org.uk/home for a full list of clinics in your area.

Taking the decision to start a hair management programme will improve your confidence; seek advice and don’t feel shy, clinics like ours deal with these issues every day and understand the sensitivity of this issue.


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