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Reflexology and your digestion- how it helps?

Reflexology and your digestion- how it helps?

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We abuse our feet, we cram them into shoes styles and sizes that are not always best for them, they bear our weight, they are under considerable tension. You know how good it feels to take your shoes and socks off and wiggle your toes, let the air at them and even put them up. It feels wonderful to free your feet. So what exactly is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a holistic healing art, a form of therapeutic foot massage.It is based on the principle that the body is reflected on the feet through a series of reflexes and the objectives of a reflexologist is to stimulate these reflexes. Reflexology is not fully explained to the satisfaction of science but like many alternatives to modern medicine its application has numerous consumers satisfied with its positive effects.

As reflexologists we are primarily concerned with internal body energy: energy is the basis of all life and a vital factor in healing.Around 80 per cent of modern diseases are believed to be stress related, although we may not be able to altar the stress situations in life we can  altar how we cope, natural healing techniques, meditation, diet and exercise can help control or decrease the stress response and thereby lessen susceptibility to stress related diseases.

How can Reflexology help with digestive problems and how are they connected?

Sometimes the digestive system can become sluggish, the results of improper digestion and improper elimination causing tiredness and lack of vitality and strength. The small intestine separates the pure and the impure. As well as influencing the functioning of the large intestine, it also controls reabsorption of liquids needed by the body and passing some on to be eliminated. Keeping that which has nutritional value, and passing on waste to where it can be removed happens on all levels of experience, both physiological and psychological: for example sorting through the rubbish from that which is  useful in ideas, emotions and thoughts. If this function is not working properly symptoms can arise such as hearing difficulties,  (inability to sort sounds out from one another), or digestion problems which are a result of poor sorting. Thus the flow relates not only to assimilation of foodstuffs but also to experience, feelings, ideas and to spiritual nourishment. Modern day lives have many stressors that will regularly trigger our fight or flight response. This adrenal stimulation over a period of time with no discharge of energy can deplete essential vitamins and minerals and damage the functioning of the digestive system. Regular reflexology treatments will relax the body, reduce stress, improve circulation, cleanse the body of toxins, improve creativity and productivity and balance the whole system.creating a state of homeostasis (balance). A relaxed body can heal itself.

The reflexologist will concentrate his/her treatment on the areas on the feet corresponding to the entire digestive system, the pancreas, the liver, and the gall bladder.

We all stand to gain from giving relaxation a greater role in our lives, Reflexology can become a powerful antidote to stress , helping you to cope with stressful situations, this alone with have an enormous impact on our physiological health, improving all sorts of ailments and conditions.

*Reflexology is not a medical treatment, we do not diagnose illness or practise medicine, we do not proceed with a treatment as if the session is going to cure a problem, although clients do attest to better health and sometimes a marked reduction or even disappearance of the ailment.


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