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Deciding on a Harley Body wrap for that summer body

Deciding on a Harley Body wrap for that summer body

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What could be more exciting than being told you can lose weight and get rid of your cellulite while lying down and doing absolutely nothing?

Perhaps George Clooney saying he wants you to have his children, I suppose. Let’s face it, the latter is an unlikely scenario. However, the first offer is something which is now being advertised in beauty salons up and down the country offering to get rid of your unsightly bumps and send you back into the world a size smaller.

But do inch- shifting, cellulite busting body wraps work?

Ok lets put to bed a few myths, an inch loss body wrap is a temporary measure, you will most definitely see results and lose inches so that you will fit into that little black dress or hit the beach feeling a little slimmer but unless you are going to take a course of wraps ( recommended twice a week) watch your calorie intake and do some exercise, in other words change your lifestyle, then a wrap is not a miracle cure, if it was I would now be on my luxury yacht in the Caribbean spending my millions.

How it works.

Bandages are soaked in a solution of aloe vera, vitamins and minerals. When you arrive, after filling out a consultation form you will be measured prior to being wrapped. This is followed up with dry body brushing which opens the pores and allows the solution to penetrate into the deeper tissues. You will then be wrapped in warm bandages (which have been soaked in the Harley solution for over two hours.) Once wrapped you will be asked to put on a sauna suit and then covered in blankets and left to relax. The bandages stay on for an hour, the warm bandages open the pores and allow the solution to penetrate into the dermal layer. Whilst some clients like to sleep, others prefer to read or even have another treatment such as a facial carried out.

The formula helps to dislodge toxic build up trapped in fat-prone areas, which is then flushed out into the lymph system.

Once these tissues have broken down they are flushed out through the body’s natural waste system, so the body is highly detoxified and cleansed.


The detox ingredients used will take away the feeling of heaviness and lethargy.

The skin will feel smoother and hydrated.

You will look and feel slimmer having lost a few inches, this effect can last up to 72 hours.

If you book into a nice salon you will feel pampered and relaxed, a little time out is a great tonic for anyone.

Improved energy levels.


These salon treatments can be expensive especially when a course is recommended. £55 per single session or £275 for a course of six at Beauty Haven.

A temporary fix.

As long as you are aware of the pro’s and con’s you can make an informed decision. Our advice is to check out the salon thoroughly using reviews, Facebook and other social media platforms or go on a recommendation. Word of mouth means a lot these days.


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