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Hair removal is a subject that is subject to debate as to which method is best, its something most of us have to contend with – from just a few stray hairs to a larger problem, most of us feel that we may have a couple of those wayward hairs and in my case was oblivious until kindly/unkindly which ever way I wished to absorb the information,was informed.I have blonde hair and have always had my eyebrows waxed with  a little help from the tint just to make whatever I have visible, so with my hair being light in colour, I never thought that any other areas of my face required too much attention until that one day when it was pointed out ” would you not consider a upper lip wax?”  EXCUSE ME!! was my first thought along with the shock and horror, but the reality is very few people, if any are free from the hair removal needed dilemma, yes, its normal to have these wayward hairs!!

Now I know we live in a world of quick fixes, wanting every thing in an instant and I was initially in that same frame of mind. Although years have passed since my upper lip  first  encountered wax and the option for me now is not about fast, quick fixes, I  now carry the mantra “slow and steady wins the race” So if  like myself you are tired of the unwelcome maintenance routine that takes a lot of time and effort which creates you to feel self conscious and gets in the way of your social life, work, sports this is your time to stop all that and act now !!

So the big  question  ” Is electrolysis really a permanent hair removal option, actually, is there such a thing as permanent hair removal ???”  I know the thought of being  free from the drudgery and expense of tweezing, waxing, bleaching and using those awful smelling creams can make it seem like some medical mystery or some sort of marketing trick. Yet I can tell you  there is no ploy, electrolysis is permanent regardless of the cause whether its due to genes, metabolic or good old, blame everything on hormones!

Electrolysis is the only medically approved method of permanent hair removal ( approved by the British Medical Association) and has came a long way from it began in 1875. Electrolysis practitioners have many educational opportunities available that have allowed knowledge  of the factors that cause excess hair growth, to see the action of current in the skin, and to keep up with new equipment that helps them provide better treatment than was available before. The science behind this magic in simple terms, is the  treatment involves the insertion of a very fine sterile needle about the same diameter as the hair into the hair follicle. No panic attacks,the needle is as fine as your hair! Once the needle is inserted an electrical current is released and this current destroys the growth cells of that hair follicle preventing treated hairs from growing back. Once the hair has been zapped with the current it is disconnected from the hair follicle and just needs to be aided in sliding out with the help of tweezers Note hairs are not being plucked, if any resistance is felt the intensity of current will be increased, most hairs will need more than one treatment, but there will be a constant, gradual decrease in the growth of the hair until it has all been permanently removed. With electrolysis you do have to be truly committed because you will need any where between 15-30 sessions which takes up some time but remember this is for long term, no quick fixes, but permanent results.

Another major plus with electrolysis unlike with Laser or IPL is it can treat any hair colour or any skin type, with the current released inside the follicle, it doesn’t use the pigment in the hair to travel down, its already there and with that there is less trauma to the surface of the skin so enabling it to safety treat hair on almost any part of the body and even the most sensitive of skins.  It is also a lot less expensive than laser or IPL and can be used to treat those fine downy hairs that love to really show when the sun is shinning or bright lights are on you ( well you never know). Now your thinking ” yes I can see many advantages, although how painful is it?” It does depend, some areas are more sensitive than others, for example the upper lip and there is a wide range of tolerance levels amongst people. I can remember studying the theory of electrolysis and being told that some clients experience discomfort whilst others may fall asleep, lets just say never have I had a client go to sleep on me! In my training days the girls all had to perform this treatment on one another and I have experienced the current, its like a sharp, heat sensation that is totally bearable.

The only downside I could find with electrolysis is with treating each individual hair it would take a considerable length of time to cover vast areas such as legs, in this case Laser or IPL could be a better option first to tackle the vastness and follow up treatments of electrolysis to treat any stubborn hairs that the Laser or IPL hasn’t been successful in removing, as with electrolysis the hair has no chance to sprout up like a weed again as its PERMANENT.

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