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Growing Popularity Of Male Waxing & Why You Should Consider It.

Growing Popularity Of Male Waxing & Why You Should Consider It.

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Waxing used to be something only us ladies did, not anymore, as we find its certainly not the case today. It is estimated that as many as one third of all men get rid of their body hair regularly. In saying that long before waxing became popular with the likes of David Beckham and celebrities alike sporting the hair free look, men were removing their hair with whatever method they could find available to them. Athletes do it, body builders do it and a long time ago warriors did it. Men certainly  have come a long way since the days of showing up unkempt in a unbuttoned shirt revealing an army of hair running up past the nape of their necks. The days of males sporting this look is done, today most ladies don’t appreciate the look that men have a furry rug glued to their chest., not only us ladies, but metrosexual men have fast become the new trend and over the years.You will barely find any sportsman or model with hair on their backs and chest and with the influence of the media, you  can see and understand why male waxing is on the increase.

Most adult men will either use waxing or shave to get rid of unwanted hair. Of the two methods, waxing is so much more superior as it offers the best results, shaving, yes  is the least expensive method as you can do it in your own home which is fine when it comes to the chest area maybe not effective when considering your back!! As a female I thankfully am not faced with that dilemma but can relate with the fake tan issue and just how difficult it is to reach certain points, and that part of grooming doesn’t involve a sharp instrument which can leave you in a bit of a mess. Shaving can also irritate certain skins leaving you with a delightful razor rash  typically like prickly heat. With shaving the hair grows back very fast, sometimes overnight, so it requires a lot of maintance which isn’t too much of a bother regarding the face for the clean shaven males but on larger areas of the body like the chest or back it can be a whole lot of work for very little longevity. Males please take heed, yes you know when your facial hair has been removed by the faithful blade the hair feels very coarse and stubbly when it grows back , no different from the back and chest and that its certainly not pleasant. Not too mention the ITCH you would experience. so bearing in mind shaving may be the least expensive method I for one wouldn’t rate it a great overall method.

So if you are a chest/back wax virgin I can understand you may have some concerns and questions regarding these treatments, although it certainly is on the increase of requests within the beauty industry men still don’t comfortably discuss it amongst friends or colleagues. One thing I will say is DONT TRY THIS AT HOME, not only would it be extremely painful, but you also wont be able to see want you are doing. Back and chest waxing is quite straightforward and entails nothing that you have to be afraid of, the most important thing here is ideal hair length which is 1cm and that allows the wax to adhere to the hair, don’t worry if the hair is longer, just leave it and the therapist will quickly clipper it down before waxing, to the correct length. As a guide you should leave it about 3 weeks without shaving before your wax appointment. If you decide to go for a salon wax, plan to have the second one within 8 weeks, and so on and so on ( I am not getting ahead of myself here, you will be hooked)

Back to the treatment and what to expect….

I have covered length of hair, so next step is what to wear… I know it is not a fashion parade and that’s not my intention. You can turn up in whatever items of clothing you wish- but afterwards it would be great if you had something clean and loose fitting. If you are having a chest/back wax bring a cotton t-shirt to wear afterwards, as your skin will feel tender and tight, unbreathable fabrics against your skin could cause irritation and discomfort. So we have left our hair to grow, booked the appointment, turned up at the salon with our cotton t-shirt either on or at hand and nervously waiting for our next instruction, and by the way there is no need for the nerves. At the salon you will be asked to go into one of the enclosed treatment room and  to remove your clothes from your upper body and lie on a treatment couch. The therapist will then cleanse the area to be waxed with an antiseptic gel to ensure there is no traces of creams, lotions or bacteria present and whilst doing so allows her to check for any contra indications. The wax used will be warm, and small strips of cloth will then be put on that area and then pulled off against the direction of hair growth. It goes without saying that it will sting a bit, but after the first few pieces of cloth are pulled away, your pain threshold adjusts and it starts to hurt less, and its quick; a full back wax shouldn’t take more than 20-30 mins, as will a chest wax, when the wax is over a light astringent will be applied, such as tea tree and you are free to go.

Receiving the feedback over the years I can honestly say waxing is the best option for most people because it solves all the problems of the other methods. Waxing is a lot kinder to your skin and keeps you hair free without that nasty stubble for much longer than your usual hair removal creams or razors, I can honestly state that most men come back after their first time because waxing makes you feel more confident by eliminating that 5 o’clock shadow on your back or chest area, and helps to relieve ingrown hairs caused by shaving. a huge plus is it saves a whole lot of time as it is relatively low maintenance and will eventually cause hair to grow less dense,most men notice that their hair is growing thinner within a few waxing sessions.

ATTENTION  men who are covered in body hair will also find that once hair is removed, their muscles will look a lot more defined……..need I say anymore!



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