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Head 2 Foot : Reflexlogy worth knowing

Head 2 Foot : Reflexlogy worth knowing

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Well long ago in our history, people knew that massaging the feet had an effect on the body, and there is evidence from both Ancient Egypt, India and China that foot massage was used in those times as a treatment and cure. Other parts of our body exhibit these same reflex points but are less obvious , the hand, the ear, even the iris of the eye but these points are more specific in the foot and are more accessible making it easier to work on. In fact our feet are extremely sensitive even though most of us would probably think our hands are more so, no our feet are so receptive, due to the wealth of nerve endings and partly because we keep them covered and protected. I am sure before you emerge yourself into a bath you will always check the temperature with your hand only to discover when you put your foot in that the water is too hot, the temperature of the water hasn’t changed – it was always too hot- for your foot if not for your hand.

Reflexology is a method for activating your bodies own healing powers, through massage and pressure points on the feet. Today many of the same techniques are used but  have been developed into a method we know as REFLEXOLOGY.

Modern reflexology is both a science and an art, as a science it requires careful skill, practice and knowledge of the techniques,  as a healing art best results are achieved when it is being practiced with dedication, patience and focused intentions. We  are definitely becoming more health aware in ways that were never dreamed of a generation or two ago, and with that discovering that health is truly holistic, that we are well only if our bodies and minds are together in creating a state of well being for us as a whole.


In the same way as our blood circulates around the body, so does our energy, our energy flows throughout our bodies in pathways, running up and down the truck of our body, the arms, then our legs and finally into our feet. In reflexology we look at the soles of our feet which are ‘reflex points’ where a qualified reflexologist can manipulate this energy which has a positive effect on our circulatory, respiratory, and immune system.

Stress, anxiety and depression.

Modern lifestyle  certainly has made living easier in many ways, but it has also increased tension, stress and anxiety. We live in an instant society and adding to this pressure to meet family commitments, paying the bills and achieving work deadlines creates more pressure in this fast paced world we live in. Also nowadays the majority of work is centred around computers, demanding us to sit at our desk glued to the screen 8-9 hours at a stretch that is not only affecting our eyes but also our brain.! Stress enters our bodies affecting them in disturbed sleep, chest pains, high blood pressure and depression.  Depression is something  no one is immune too, anyone can suffer it from the very rich to the struggling poor, to the very young to the older generation, it can attack at any time in your life at any stage! Depression is something that will affect your whole body and alter the way you think about yourself and others. It effects your nervous system it changes your moods and influences your reactions to situations. The alarming thing is, depression is a growing problem in the UK with a trend to only prescribe anti-depressants to combat the illness, whereas an alternative way to help depression is to use reflexology and unlike the drugs, reflexology doesn’t have the risks of high dependency or the side effects such as nausea, lethargy to name just a few. So we understand that depression can hit anyone at any given time ,so why not claim more control and if you are suffering don’t just reach for anti-depressants consider an alternative therapy which can provide an effective and relaxing solution to your problem or aliments.

On having a reflexology treatment you will be asked to fill in a detailed consultation form to enable the therapist to look at your medical history and she/he will ask you questions regarding your lifestyle and health to be able to gain a  complete picture to compliment the treatment by focusing on specific points. The therapist will then demonstrate the type of pressure to expect as they begin the treatment, going over every part of the foot, explaining that should you experience any discomfort ranging from a  mild sense of extra pressure to a severe dart in a particular area, you need to tell your therapist about it.

Within our bodies there are glands that regulate our emotions and mental well being, when someone is suffering with depression these glands do not function correctly and cause instability the glands that a reflexology treatment will target in this case are the Pituitary,Thymus, Thyroid, Pineal and the parathyroid.

The therapist will massage and  apply pressure to points on the big toe, under the big toe, on the ball of the foot and towards the inside of the foot, the objection to release congestion or stress within our nervous system and to balance the body’s energy.  So what can be achieved by stimulating reflex points? Your recovery process is enhanced by stimulating the flow of energy around the body which removes blockages and restores balance and harmony which assists the recovery and can be used as a powerful aid to help conventional medicine.

Note  Reflexologists do not heal clients ; your body repairs itself !

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