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10 Body Areas To Consider For Laser Hair Removal

10 Body Areas To Consider For Laser Hair Removal

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HAIR REMOVAL !!  I can hear you all cry, I know the summer is packed away for another year, and we can all heave a sigh of relief that less body exposure   with the darker days, longer nights add in the cooler temperatures we all doubtlessly want an added extra  layer of clothing, are so called “protection” against the cold all resulting in less thought on our hairy limbs!  Yet regardless of limited chances of exposing our bodies at this time of year it doesn’t stop us from grooming them ( OK admitting not as often).

So as the nights grow dark early and winter is upon us, take the opportunity to finally treat yourself to Laser Hair removal . Winter is a terrific time to start, as with Laser Hair removal it is best to stay away from sunlight as the skin is very sensitive to light after treatment.  As summer tans begin to fan, its easier to see dark hair against pale skin, also during the summer , the kids are off school resulting in less free time, more time spent outdoors with more sun exposure, all bad recipes for laser hair removal. Winter is also a great time to prep your body for next summer arriving , towards the end of winter , more of us start hitting the gym or workout classes so we will be in shape for bikini season, undergoing your laser treatment now, will be part of your summer preparation!  As its the same old story every year, spring comes round and we are all sourcing hair removal solutions, be it shaving, waxing or foul smelling hair removal creams. We all subject ourselves with it only to have to do it all again and again and again!!

So ideally between October – April is the best time because clients can’t receive laser treatments when they are sunburnt and tanned.

The most sought after areas to have the Laser Hair removal treatment carried out on for Woman:


UPPER LIP  £35  1 Treatment       £175  Course of 6

CHIN          £50   1 Treatment        £250 Course of 6

UPPERLIP & CHIN    £60 1 Treatment      £300 Course of 6

Unwanted hair on the upper lip and chin is one of the most common requested areas for hair removal, the treatment only takes 10 minutes to perform after a detailed consultation is filled out.  We would recommend a treatment plan of between 4-6 treatments spaced out a month apart. Clients with PCOS may require more regular top ups.

UNDER ARMS      £60   1 Treatment         £300 Course of 6

Have you ever been envious of women who can go a week or two without shaving or who can get super close shave every single time, yes I have had the razor leaving me with the bumps and ingrown hairs, on to the hair removal creams leaving a foul smell and its mess, then on to the waxing and boy does that hurt! So after repeating these hair removal methods time after time and unhappy with the results and lasting potential I sought after something more hard core…… Laser Hair removal here I come. With the underarms being a small surface area it is a great place to start, the actual treatment time is 10-15 minutes.


FULL LEG        £250     1 Treatment         £1250  Course of 6

Speaking from my own experiences I have never been happy with any temporary  hair removal methods on my legs!! I remove these furry hairs in aid of silky smooth hair free legs only to be left with disappointing results, for the hairs to grow back nearly instantly ( I promise, sometimes I can see it happen before my very eyes) So definitely by the time summer 2016 has hit I will be hair free, actually those Christmas parties are just around the corner I might just be free of these hairs! Treatment time takes approx1hour – 1hour and 15 minutes , typically 6-8 treatments spaced out every 6 weeks, additionally annual touch ups may be required.

BIKINI LINE      £65   1 Treatment         £325 Course of 6

EXTENDED BIKINI LINE       £100   1 Treatment         £500 Course of 6

If you answer yes to any of these questions then laser hair removal is definitely for you.

1- Are you a serial shaver who is tired of the almost instant regrowth or ingrown hairs?

2-  Or do you get your bikini line waxed but hate having to repeat the painful process every few weeks?

3-  Is your skin sensitive?

FOREARMS      £120  1 Treatment          £600 Course of 6

Are you bothered by dark arm hair, some people may feel insecure about their presence. Waxing or shaving are only short term solutions to the problem and by the time the irritation of shaving has passed, the process needs done again. With Laser it will offer you a long lasting solution to unwanted arm hair, it is an ideal treatment among both males and females. 3-5 treatments are recommended every 6 weeks, time taken to carry out each treatment may vary depending on hair thickness and surface area, yet it is usually 30-45 minutes.


BACK  & SHOULDERS       £290  1 Treatment     £1450 Course of 6

Back hair can be a challenge for some but laser hair removal for back “fur”  is an effective solution. Aside from itching and skin irritation another matter of having excessive hair on the back can be body smell, hair follicles may become infected, the condition can be worsen by exercising, hot weather or any other activities associated with sweating.  Waxing and shaving is really not effective when it comes to removing hair on the back, with these old school methods, none of them provide a permanent result. In addition waxing the back can often irritate the skin cause pigmentation not to mention as you men well know it hurts!!

So with Laser Hair removal 1 session can cover the whole back, treatment time 1hour including preparing the area and consultation. 4-6 treatments are normally required with spacing in-between of 6 weeks. Now , Guys its not without its discomfort, it does really depend on the level of pain tolerance an individual has. Some may feel a bit, others may not  feel anything at all.

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