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Reflexology and the effects on our body.

Reflexology and the effects on our body.

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Many of us find ourselves on our feet every day whether walking, jumping, running or basically to transport ourselves about. Therefore we place our feet under our weight, stress and strain and not to mention those fashionable shoes we love but our poor feet may not be as keen on! Yet with the strain we place our feet under we certainly don’t look after them in the way they deserve. The thing is, that stress that our feet carry, can also manifest itself in the other parts of our bodies. How many times do you hear the question if you are not well, feeling under the weather or even ill “Are you stressed?”

I for one am certainly on the phone to my GP when I think I could do with something more hard core than the over the counter medicine but I am also the one that you will find sprawled out on a treatment couch receiving that hit of relaxation, the benefit of being in the present in conjunction with my choice of treatment and in this case Reflexology.

Note that reflexology is certainly not a magic cure and should never be viewed as a substitute to medical care, it can work alongside conventional western medicine to promote healing and to relieve pain and stress, a fantastic benefit.

Reflexology is not a new practice, it is one of the most popular of all alternative therapies. Any-one who has ever experienced the treatment knows why,. Reflexology is a holistic practice based on the chinise principle that certain areas on the soles of our feet or hands – the reflex zones, contain millions of nerve endings that are connected to organs, glands and other parts of the body. Imagine walking outside with no socks or shoes and standing on a sharp nail (ouch). The pain we experience will obviously be in the foot, yet it doesn’t end there, the pain we feel will be transmitted through our nerve endings which sends signals to our brain leaving us with the memory of that discomfort. Next time we go to step out side barefoot do you think we will remember? Oh yes we won’t forget the last experience! Our bodies are so complex and we can tune into this with holistic treatments, as with reflexology it’s natural, so non invasive which heals through the sole of our feet. Our feet a part of our body we hardly regard with much thought which we abuse daily are home to literally thousands of nerve endings and by applying pressure with massage to certain areas we provide support for our bodies to repair.



Relieving stress had to be one of the top benefits  of having reflexology. Hands up if you haven’t suffered from stress or anxiety, I can guess most of us have at some point as it’s almost completely unavoidable. The outcome of stress is it can be carried through our bodies in different ways some may suffer with insomnia, migraines, digestive problems or fatigue. The root of many health problems can be linked to stress, it is so damaging to our bodies. So Ladies/Gentlemen with reflexology it reduces that anxiety associated with stress by relaxing us and restoring balance to our bodies. I say “yes please”!!


Bloods needs to flow freely throughout the body carrying oxygen and nutrients to all the cells and removing the waste products and toxins. Stress and tension that consumes are bodies will make our internal system sluggish, by having reflexology it reduces the stress and tension within our body enabling the blood to flow easily and therefore improving the growth of damaged cells and faster healing.


Tension, whether we are lifting heavy weights literally, carrying around emotional weight or sitting around in one position for long periods of time our bodies hold onto that tension like a child with a comfort blanket. When our bodies get clogged with tension and our muscles become stressed, the nerve ways which connect our muscles to the rest of our body can not function in the same way resulting in discomfort, pain, fatigue or irritability. A session of reflexology can help to stimulate those nerve endings in your feet to release this tension and in doing that will enable the muscles to relax providing you with relief.


Thankfully I am not someone who suffers from migraines but headaches yes, and they are unwelcomed also. Headaches and migraines have been linked to overwork, stress, drastic changes in weather and even food allergies. Yet no matter what the cause is they are certainly debilitating. With the benefit of reflexology applying pressure to specific points (reflex zones) that releases the energy throughout the body to relieve us of the tension.

Above I have listed common aliments that I am sure we have encountered as every day living in general can be hectic and stressful and  with that comes tension hand in hand. That tension we carry through our energy channels which can only have a negative effect on our body, so yes from time to time depending on our own situation we all could do with a bit of “ME TIME”  with no guilt. Thousands of physician/ therapists have been using reflexology with positive results all over the world, so I ask you ” if there are alternative treatments to treating more than a dozen health conditions affecting various parts of our bodies, is it not worth getting a foot treatment or two?” Afterwards you can decide for yourself!


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