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Dermalogica Chromawhite

Dermalogica Chromawhite

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Dermalogica’s chromawhite products have been developed to brighten and lighten pigmented skin. The range is free of Hydroquinone, an ingredient used in skin whitening to reduce the colour of the skin – its use is banned in many countries with up to a third of the population allergic to the ingredient.

There are different forms of hyper pigmentation:

Sun damaged skin

Melasma ( the mask of pregnacy)

Post inflammatory inflammation ( scar tissue )

Age Spots or liver spots

Causes of various pigmentation disorders can vary from over exposure to sunlight, hormones triggered by stress, medications that cause photosensitivity, exposure to chemicals ( eg fragrance).

Chromawhite products can vastly improve many of these concerns treating the hyperpigmentation and protecting the skin from future pigmentation problems.

Tri- active cleanse: A unique 3 in 1 cleanser, creamy and conditioning. Will cleanse, exfoliate and brighten the skin.

Powerfoliant: A powerful exfoliant removing dulling debris and pigmented cells. Use once or twice weekly.

C-12 concentrate: A targeted treatment to treat sundamage, chloasma and pigmentation. Very gentle, suitable for a sensitive skin, delivers unbelievable results. Use under moisturiser twice daily.

Extreme C: A Powder to emulsion formula containing the highest concentrate of Vit C on the market. Best used as a spot treatment. Fantastic for speeding up recovery of scar tissue.

Pure Light spf30: A medium weight moisturiser that will hydrate,protect and brighten the skin.

Pure Night: A night time treatment to target pigmentation and reinforce skins barrier.

Chromawhite products now available at Beauty Haven. Prices available upon request. Delivery can be arranged by contacting salon.

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