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Feet First

Feet First

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You feet spend hours at the office, waiting in lines, running errands, hitting the floor during powerful workouts and just keeping up with the day to day rush they endure. Your feet take you where you need to go, but where do you go to restore, relax and replenish this vital part of your body?

Caring for the feet has always been a challenge! One of the few areas of the body that can’t be modified or improved by diet, exercise or even plastic surgery, feet show the signs of day to day stress and abuse with roughness, hardened and cracked soles, calluses, and persistant problems caused by excess moisture. Perhaps you’ve struggled to remove rough, dead skin and calluses with intense labour and discomfort. Acheiving beautiful feet may seem to be an impossibilty… but not anymore.

By receiving specialised foot treatments you are opening the door to a world of relaxation and invigoration.

Beauty Haven’s Spa Pedicure is more than just a pedicure; it is spa therapy for the feet. Step out with de-stressed and refreshed feet. The treatment hydrates,exfoliates and keeps feet smooth and silky right down to the toes, rendering stressed and tired feet relaxed, cool and bacteria free. It is necessary that you don’t underestimate the importance of using home-care foot products to ensure your feet stay soft, smooth and callus free.

Reflexology is also available at Beauty Haven, and is now one of the most popular forms of complimentary medicine. It is a therapy that can treat a wide range of medical conditions in addition to being a very relaxing form of treatment. A holistic approach to this treatment is very important in order to achieve lasting enery and balance within the body.

Remember provide your feet with the care and attention they need… they will walk about 115,000 miles in a lifetime, more than four times the circumference of the globe …they deserve a little TLC don’t you think ?

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