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Blast away Cellulite – Part 1

Blast away Cellulite – Part 1

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Orange peel thighs? Cottage cheese skin? You are not alone. Lumpy textured skin affects 90% of woman who have gone through puberty regardless of  age or body type.

Cellulite and how to treat it has been a controversial problem for years. It is caused primarily by hormones. It is likely that the reason men never get it is because they have much less oestrogen in their bodies than woman do.

Our top tips:

Increase your water intake ( 2litres a day if you can) The body cannot function at optimum level unless it is fully hydrated, for example a dehydrated skin skin is more likely to weaken and succumb to all sorts of problems ( including formation of cellulite)

Topical ingtedients can do wonders for your ridges and dimples, the right topical cream/scrub will hydrate,firm and stimulate blood flow, leaving you with tightened,supple smooth skin. Dermalogica’s Exfoliating body scrub used twice a week will leave the skin looking and feeling great.

Dry skin brushing is one of the most effective exfoliating treatments for celluilite sufferers. Not only does regular use get rid of dead skin cells but it increases blood flow to affected areas and stimulates lymphatic systems ability to remove toxins.

Regular exercise will improve blood circulation and cell renewal. Make your exercise regime enjoyable and it will work for you. When you are physically fit all of the body systems function more fluidly. Exercise actually releases endorphins ( feel good chemicals) , the simple act of improving yourself will make you feel good all over.

In Salon Treatments such as Inch loss body treatments can give you a great boost … try our Harley Body Wrap. Another great treatment to condition the skin and eliminate toxins is the Dermalogica Enzymatic Mud treatment …. a results based treatment that is also a little indulgent.

Food and nutrient suggestions to help banish cellulite in our next blog

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