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Natural Pain Relief using “Hot Stone Therapy"

Natural Pain Relief using “Hot Stone Therapy"

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Hot Stone massage isn’t just a therapeutic treatment for relaxation.Oh no, it’s much more than that.Hot stones are used as a treatment for acute and chronic pain, some examples are clients who have come to us with ‘whiplash’, ‘back pain’, ‘PMS’, the list could go on forever.

How it works

  • Heat has a direct effect on reducing tight muscles, therefore muscles are relaxed and this relieves pain.
  • Increases circulation which is beneficial in healing injuries.Fresh blood and nutrients are pumped around the body faster and help maintain the optimum health of the tissues for injury repair.
  • Helps to improve elasticity of connective tissue, therefore therapeutic stretching procedures work much more efficiently with the application of heat.
  • Heat increases the pain threshold, therefore decreasing the overall feeling of pain.
  • Cold stone therapy is also beneficial for acute pain, inflammation and swelling.
  • Reduces muscle soreness.
  • Slows down cellular metabolic activity-using cold immediately after injury shortens the recovery period.
  • Reduces pain sensations, increasing pain threshold.
  • Reduces oedema.
  • Cold application has a direct reflex effect in reducing muscle tightness.

Hot Stone therapy can be incorporated into different treatments such as reflexology & aromatherapy.The heat soothes aches and pains much faster than a therapist can with their hands alone, it could take up to 30 minutes for a therapist to relieve tension with traditional massage techniques as opposed to just ten minutes using hot stones.
Basically, Hot Stones deliver better quality massage time for the customer and the sensation of warmth creates a positive feeling of well-being.

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