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Blast away cellulite – Part 2

Blast away cellulite – Part 2

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Searching for answers to improve or get rid of cellulite ? We’ve put together a few do’s and don’t for you !!

What to eat :

Lots of fresh food will boost your anti oxidant levels

Drink 8 glasses of water per day to repair and replenish your body. Water intake can include herbal teas, fruit juices and fruit and vegetables.

Eggs – eat one or two a week. eggs are an excellent source of protein, folic acid, vitamin A and vitamin B12

Foods to avoid:

Processed meats, whole fat milk. fried fish and poultry, full fat milk yoghurt, canned vegetables,sodas and colas, butter cheese and mayonnaise.

Foods to Enjoy:

Chicken (without skin) Fish ( grilled or baked), fruits and vegetables (raw and fresh), flaxseed oil.

Flood your system with antioxidants and anti inflammatories to revitalise yourself inside and out.

Provide your body with essential nutrients … some to look out for:

Ginkgo Biloba – increases blood flow throughout the body expanding reach of any nutrients you eat. Also acts a s a potent antioxidant.

Juniper berries – High in Vitamin C  and increase circulation.

Lecithin – Derived from egg yolks, aids body in repairing and strengthening cell membranes

Grapefruit -Good source of antioxidant and vitamin C

Our state of mind has a definite impact on our health and appearance so take time to relax and have fun.If negative emotions and stress can cause disease and make us feel less healthy then a positive state of mind and therapies that make us feel good, can help us achieve good health, vitality and beauty.

Stress Busters:

Try a warm bath and light some aromatherapy candles to melt away stress.

Take time out, a walk will clear your head.

Try a massage to calm a racing mind. Certain aromatherapy scents can influence mood, anxiety, immune function and skin health.

Find more advice and tips on how to blast away cellulite in our next blog.

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