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5 common concerns with laser hair removal

5 common concerns with laser hair removal

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Laser hair removal has come a long way since its first introduction to the beauty industry around the mid 90’s. Clients however still have reservations and concerns before committing to the treatment. some of the most common questions and concerns we deal with on a regular basis are highlighted here and will hopefully help you in your decision making.

  • The single biggest concern regarding laser hair removal is cost.  Most clinics will recommend a course of treatments ( around 4-6 sessions) Some laser hair removal clinics will offer payment plans to help spread the cost. Reputable laser hair removal centres understand that lasers work differently on different people and if in any doubt should recommend single sessions rather than purchasing a course.
  • Many clients are concerned about the side effects form laser hair removal treatment, such as scarring, pigmentation problems and can laser cause any permanent damage? If you do your research and find a reputable clinic you should be asked to attend a consultation before your treatment begins (usually about 2-3 days) and have a patch test (skin test) to assess skin suitability and to rule out any contraindications to treatment. Assuming you have done this then any risk of side effects are minimal but cannot be ruled out totally, ensure that if you decide to start the treatment that throughout the course you keep your laser operator informed of any changes to your health/medication.Laser hair removal risks include: burns, scarring,infection and permanent pigment changes ( whilst rare, some of these can be permanent).Side effects can include sensitivity,swelling and redness and will usually subside within 48 hours.
  • What are the side effects of laser hair removal on pregnant woman? There is no evidence that anything bad would happen if you had a laser treatment during pregnancy however it is impossible to make a definite claim and the one in a million chance that anything could go wrong is just not worth it. Check with the clinic what their policy is but to use that old analogy … if in doubt, don’t!
  • Is laser hair removal safe on dark skin? Dark skin can be treated effectively but check with the clinic that the laser/IPL machine they are using has been approved and is safe to use on dark skin. The side effects are higher when treating a dark skin as darker skin absorbs more of the energy, this can make the treatment feel a little more uncomfortable and as the energy has to be kept lower the results can be slower. We have however treated several darker skin types with great success.
  • How to find a reputable clinic. Laser clinics based in Northern Ireland must be registered with the RQIA ( regulation and quality improvement authority). Any clinics registered with the RQIA have regular inspections to ensure equipment used is up to standard and regularly serviced, staff are trained on an ongoing basis and all safety measures are in place. We would not recommend using a clinic who is not registered.

Whilst these are some of the main questions we get asked, please do not hesitate to contact us with any other queries you may have.




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