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Customer Testamonial on Laser Hair Removal

Customer Testamonial on Laser Hair Removal

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Having been waxing and shaving for a number of years I had come to the point where shaving was frustrating me as the hairs just grew in the next day (or that night) and I didn’t like having to let my hairs grow for a number of weeks to be waxed, especially in the summer months.

I was desperate to get a treatment that would give me more permanent results. Having spoken to a beauty therapist I learnt that there was a treatment called IPL hair removal. Sounded just like what I wanted!!

I came in for a patch test which involved an in depth consultation, where it gave me more knowledge of the treatment and assured me how the treatment would be carried out and results which would be expected from it. A patch test is needed 3 days before first treatment!

My first treatment was carried out exactly how it had been explained to me during my patch test appointment. The therapist assessed the area to ensure I had shaved the hair that morning or night before a gel was spread onto skin to help conductivity. I felt a sensation like someone flicking me with an elastic band (still not as sore as waxing is) I got told this was from the pigment in my hair absorbing the light from the applicator head and converting it to heat as it is the heat that destroys the hair follicle.

After having 6 treatments with 4-6 weeks intervals I have seen a HUGE improvement. There really isn’t much hair growing back now and the hair that does grow back takes so much longer to come through. I have been advised to have a couple more treatments to target the remaining hair.

I have to say this is such an amazing treatment and I am so glad I started it. It is totally worth the money. I also feel much more confident now as I was prone to ingrown hairs from either the shaving or waxing and they have totally gone. My skin is so smooth now and it is the most pore less looking it has ever been.

My advice to anyone is book in at Beauty Haven for a patch test and you will love the results!!


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