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5 Benefits to an Indian Head Massage

5 Benefits to an Indian Head Massage

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Indian Head Massage is one of our favourite treatments, theres a good chance you won’t look great after your treatment as your hair will not only be tussled but if oil has been used you might look like you haven’t washed your hair for a while. Our tip is to bring a hat or scarf to wear on the way home, despite all of this you will feel great.

The treatment costs £25 and takes around 30 minutes and starts on the back and shoulders, progresses to the head and finishes with a pressure point massage of the face. Often the main energy centres of the body can be blocked (chakras), the massage releases negative energy that can manifest as illness and disease and encourages free flow of energy throughout the body creating a feeling of wellbeing.

Indian head massage has a number of benefits:

  1. Relieves migraine, headaches and back pain. The therapist will work firstly on the shoulders, upper back and neck to release those hard to get at knots. Often tension in these areas can lead to headaches and back/neck pain and dependant on your job if working at a desk and your posture isn’t great can lead to ongoing problems.
  2. Hair growth. The massage can stimulate hair growth as it can increase nourishment and oxygen to the hair follicles and this in turn can stimulate hair growth. If you are a male and concerned with hair loss, suffer from alopecia or simply just wanting longer locks this treatment is worth trying. Although there are no guarantees quite often hair loss can be stress related so even the simple fact that you are relaxing will help.
  3. Increase your energy levels. By creating a feeling of well being, this massage can have a powerful effect in increasing your energy levels and creating a state of homeostasis (balance).
  4. Loss of memory can be a common modern lifestyle problem, in many cases caused by a stressful busy lifestyle. An Indian Head massage will force you to relax, slow down and calm down. This state of mind is much more to conducive to a proactive/productive  lifestyle.
  5. Improved sleep. Many of us suffer from insomnia and broken sleep pattern. Make a point of switching off your mobile, iPad, laptop a couple of hours before you go to bed. A monthly maintenance Indian head massage treatment will encourage you to relax and open your body to better rest. By massaging the head we encourage oxygen to the brain which will reduce anxiety and encourage deeper relaxation and state of well being.

Other conditions that Indian Head Massage can help with are eyestrain, sinus congestion, depression,anxiety and tinnitus. Sometimes following any holistic treatment, the body can go through what is called ‘a healing crisis”. This is nothing to worry about and is usually just the body ridding itself of toxins; symptoms include headache, lethargy, post nasal drip, increased urination, disturbed sleep, soreness of muscles and heightened emotional state. These symptoms will usually subside within 24 hours and you will feel great as the body will have rebalanced itself.

A very popular treatment that doesn’t have to take up too much of your time but will benefit you greatly …. definitely worth a try !!





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