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16. Exam Time (stress Free!!)

16. Exam Time (stress Free!!)

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16. Exam Time.(Stress Free!)

It’s that time of year again, the weather improves as the nose needs to hit the books, a time of frenzied studying, stress, anxirty and sleepless nights.The exam timetable can seem like a marathon for students (and parents), it may help to treat the whole process like a sporting event.


Athletes need high intakes of carbohydrates to boost stamina and staying power. Oily fish will help to boost brain power. Fish oil is rich in EPA, a fatty acid that helps the brain send messages between cells and can improve memory, mood, concentration and behaviour. Stress hormones use up a lot of vitamin C, magnesium and zinc, so foods rich in these may be beneficial, such as popcorn, strawberries, sweetcorn and raisins. Other ‘brain foods’ include banana’s ,fish, spinach, blueberries, wholegrains and the ‘brain herb’ ginkgo biloba ( this can be bought in tablet form)  Whilst preparing for  exams you’re perceived as being in a delicate condition. Take  full advantage of this !! ask your parents for your favourite food and treats!! You need treats to keep you going in between  plant and animal cells and ‘an Inspector calls’.


You need plenty of sleep to work fast and concentrate. Research has shown that fatigue can play a key part in failure to perform well in the exam room, it is recommended that a teenager needs between eight-and-a-half and nine-and-a-quarter hours. In order to get this, experts from the Stressbusting website recommend taking all distractions out of the bedroom, such as televisions and computer games, and ensuring that the central heating is not turned up too high. Hot, milky drinks can help
So get the sleep you need, not over your books though!! ,and remember late night studying or cramming will not reinforce the mass of facts accumulated that you have at your beck and call ,and the  next morning you’ll  be fighting  your exam in a bleary eyed fog.


Stressed-out students can often feel that time away from their books is an opportunity lost. But research has shown that exercise can boost the body’s ability to cope with the rigours of exam time and improve concentration. Even a short walk can help.. A study by scientists at the University of Exeter found that students who exercise three or four times a week got higher than average exam grades and that the effect was particularly strong among boys.

Scientists also believe that aerobic workouts improve mental ability because the exercise pumps more oxygen to the brain. Exercise can also promote the growth of new brain cells, with the most marked effect in the hippocampus area linked to memory and learning.


Stress – in moderation – is not necessarily a bad thing during the exam season. A small amount of stress is necessary for the body to be able to cope, it can raise energy levels. Without pressure it is easy to become bored, pressure does bring focus.

When stress occurs, the body releases extra amounts of the hormones adrenaline and cortisol into the bloodstream. Adrenaline triggers an increase in heart rate and blood pressure, resulting in higher levels of blood flowing to the brain and improving mental alertness. Levels of blood sugar and fats also increase, boosting the body’s energy. However, added to stress being detrimental to grades,the increased cortisol levels can weaken the immune system and lower resistance to disease. Too much stress can cause the system to overload, so a balance must be met.


It’s important to have a positive approach in life, this may help to boost performance in exams.  Think how you have improved in your subject, think of positives outcomes, Research has shown that laughter can increase oxygen to the brain cells, stimulate the immune system and trigger positive thinking.


At least 10 minutes every hour. And don’t do more than three hours at a time; the brain can’t take it. Planning time is important ,how many hours of revision do you intend to do? – six hours a day for 10 days – and then allocate how many of those 60 hours you’re going to give each subject .

Remember to breathe
it is essential for the exam candidate to sit down and take a few deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. Imagine you’re inhaling knowledge and expelling doubt. Then pick up your pen and do yourself proud.

Beauty Haven can help with stress by offering a choice of massage, please call us if things are getting too much. Relax and de stress with a back and tension massage, full body massage, hot stone massage, Indian Head, Balinese or some reflexology.


  • Plenty of sleep the night before
  • Eat something sensible before your exam, this will keep your energy levels high.
  • Avoid ‘panic talk’ with other students
  • Read question carefully, underline key words.
  • Make a time management plan and stick to it
  • Watch the clock
  • Start with the easy ones, the more difficult ones can deplete confidence if done first.
  • Build in revision time, keep a plan.

Don’t leave the exam early, use every second you are entitled to.

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