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13. Restoration

13. Restoration

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Life is busy and can be stressful, we need time alone to recharge and restore our body and mind.

Time to yourself will make life a little bit more enjoyable, reducing the risk of tiredness, frustration and stress we can’t cope with.

It’s good to step back from ‘life’ and reflect, gain some clarity and be more in control of everything.

Beg, borrow and steal to give youself the ‘time’ you are entitled to….

  • Schedule time out as if you have an appointment to attend.
  • Turn  ‘off’ all distracting gadgets such as your phone and computer.

Now, what would be good to do in your special time?

It should be something you really want to do, something that will make you happy and reduce stress…..a guilty pleasure!

  • Put your feet up, have you cup of tea to hand with a good book, or magazine.
  • Go outside, appreciate nature and walk, breathe in the fresh air and listen to the sounds around you.
  • Get pampered.
  • Listen to music
  • Do something in the house you never have time to do, such as decorating.


  • Alone time forces you to take a break from all responsibilities, it allows you to explore your personal needs, break up mundane routines  and give you back some time to enjoy living. If we are always focused on external stimulation, or even on our relationships, we miss opportunities for inner growth and renewal.
  • We’re more creative alone
  • With no obligations except toward the inner you and what is going on there, we breathe more deeply, see more fully, hear more keenly, we notice more, and in the process, we return to what is sacred and important.

Visit Beauty Haven for some of your ‘me time’…Enjoy silence during one of our relaxing full body massages, our clients have been known to sleep soundly and waken refreshed. Maybe have a chat and coffee whilst having some gel nails applied, or enjoy a good read whilst your feet are soaking in preparation for a luxury pedicure. We respect that pamper treatments are a way for our clients to have some personal time and will do everything we can to give you a memorable visit.

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