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Don’t be a fool and say you are too busy for a hobby. Find the time, those moments can change your mood and mind set.

Hobbies aren’t a waste of time, a hobby could be anything as long as it gives you pleasure in doing it. Having a hobby gives you self-esteem, satisfaction, a sense of achievement as well as a sense of personal growth. It has been proven that a hobby can improve memory , alleviate the effects of aging, reduce stress and give you ‘me time’…..so why wouldn’t you?

When people do things that they want to do rather than have to do, like a hobby, it activates an area of the brain called the nucleus accumbens this controls how we feel about life. Hobbies can enhance your creativity, help you think more clearly and sharpen your focus

When you’re really engaged in a hobby you love, you lose your sense of time and enter what’s called a flow state, this restores your mind and energy. Being in this heightened state of concentration chemicals such as endorphins are released, these keep you focused and interested in what you’re doing and that energizes you. Enjoyable activities also stimulate the parts of the brain associated with creative and positive thinking. You become emotionally and intellectually more motivated.

Be a kid again, and enjoy,,,,, art, candle making, photography, dance, cycling, tennis, horse riding, yoga, cooking, chess, skydiving! Or many more…including regular pamper sessions at Beauty Haven.  A hobby will reduce stress, to chill out totally add a hot stone back massage to your ‘me’ time, or try something new such as an acid peel or some reflexology.

Remember, you don’t need to be good at your hobby, just enjoy it and reap the benefits…… Makes sense!

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