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10. Say’NO’…..more often.

10. Say’NO’…..more often.

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SAY ‘NO’…..More often!

It’s difficult for many, but can make a world of difference to your life.

If we don’t get good at using this little word,

  • We will end up getting stressed and frustrated.
  • We won’t be able to say ‘Yes’ to what we really want to do…no time!
  • We won’t have enough time for ourselves and for rest.
  • People that aren’t that important will take precedence over family and close friends.

Saying ‘NO’ gives you more control over your life, this will help give you more self respect and confidence.

Stop feeling guilty when you say ‘No’, feeling obliged to is simply letting others take ownership of our decisions.

  • Get straight to the point when saying ‘No’, too much explanation sounds like an excuse.
  • Try and make the person feel good when you say ‘No’.
  • Don’t rush into making a decision if you aren’t sure, have a think about it.

Say ‘NO’ ……….and spend some time with us. Have a luxury Manicure, Prescriptive Facial, or Full Body Massage. Commit to yourself, and don’t feel guilty.

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