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Indonesian massage therapy is an oriental type of massage method that uses both Chinese and Ayurvedic  method in healing, revitalizing, calming and soothing the clients body.

This type of massage was brought to Indonesia by the traveling Buddhist monks which later passed this medical care to the practicing monks who went on to develop and improve it by adding herbal medicines which was inspired by the ancient Chinese

Indonesia massage therapy traces back to 4000 years ago and back then was used as the main source of medical care for people, there certainly wasn’t the medical services that you would find today and definitely no National Health Services! You would have especially  found that royalties during this time used this type of massage as a treatment to help them to relax and to relieve them off stress.

Indonesians, in general are very tactile people and they find close contact with one another natural so you will find the Indonesian massage in comparison to other Western techniques has a lot more contact, whilst preforming the treatment the therapist, will  use their own body weight to really achieve the depth needed for maximum benefits. It is not just a muscular massage though, as it follows the common oriental belief that the body has energy flowing within it and it aims to release blocked energy channels, or meridians. Meridians carry energy throughout the body and are believed to be associated with the functioning of the body’s organs. Under healthy conditions meridians carry energy freely, while blocked meridians can create a feeling of imbalance and cause you to feel unwell.

We all get tense from time to time, or if you are like me, in my case day to day, which can result in sore stiff muscles, as well as headaches and generally not feeling top of the pops! We can usually feel the painful effects of stressed muscles in our shoulders and backs, so if you are into deep massage therapy, this type of massage will really satisfy your taste as it relies upon deep pressure to break down the formed tissues that have stiffened on the muscles, if left untreated, these tensed muscles will result in muscle spasms, sprains and cramps as well as stress and stiffening of the whole body.


An Indonesian massage is strongly therapeutic and regenerative and will last around 90 minutes. Strong pushing techniques predominate, working extremely deeply to stimulate and relax the soft tissues and clear the body of blockages along the meridians and release built up tension. The massage, along with the use of coconut oil, which is used as the medium for Indonesian massage also helps release toxins, relieves tension and improves blood circulation. I have to say coconut oil is a marvelous gift from nature for our skin, it is so rich in Vitamin E ,which is our skins best friend. For thousands of years around the world, particularly in India and its neighboring countries, mothers have been massaging their babies with oil so that they grow faster and better, I can’t say it does that, but we certainly can prove with studies and research that massaging skin, soft tissues and the underlying muscles, it does stimulate the blood flow and circulation in the body which alleviates the occurrence of headaches and migraines, improve the skins texture and improve lymphatic drainage which helps combat the signs of ageing and boost the immune system.

With an Indonesian massage you will find it is not only therapeutic but also corrective, as it can soothe stiff and painful muscles while also alleviating abdominal complaints such as constipation, indigestion, bloating, heartburn and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). By concentrating on the meridian energy lines which run through the body, the massage produces a holistic healing experience for the whole body.


After an Indonesian Massage you should expect to experience an improvement in the circulation of oxygen, blood and the lymphatic system. The massage will not only help you to de-stress but will also encourage the self healing qualities of the human body allowing it to recover much quicker than normal. This is why an Indonesian massage is a great complimentary massage for sports injuries.

Are you suffering from pain or stiff joints,then why not try an alternative to NHS  and Western style treatments- an Indonesian massage offers a solution to patients whose conditions respond poorly to drugs, if so why not book into BEAUTY HAVEN 02890666628.





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