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Weekly Product Review. Sebu Tone Clarifier

Weekly Product Review. Sebu Tone Clarifier

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The focus clarity range from Environ has been designed to improve problematic skin and promote a healthy, clearer skin. The range promotes a 3 stage system to target breakouts and is recommended alongside salon treatments for optimum results.

Recently my skin has been particularly oily, resulting in more breakouts than usual and a high shine throughout the day. This can be a pain having to top up my make up regularly and unusual for me so I decided to try the Sebu- Tone Clarifer. The product is a toner containing lactic acid to help smooth the appearance of the skin and remove excess oils. I’ve only been using for a couple of weeks but it has definitely made a difference already. I’ve added this is with my normal environ products, low foam cleanser and AVST 3 however for breakout prone skin the sebu wash cleanser and ACE oil would be a better option, luckily for me I don’t suffer the breakouts that often go hand in hand with oily skin, so I haven’t as yet felt the need to change my cleanser and moisturiser.

Should you decide to try the Focus Clarity range, we recommend using it alongside the Environ Purifying treatment. The main aim of this facial is to enhance penetration of the products into the dermis assisting with the treatment of acne, scaring and deep congestion. We have numerous customers who have reported fantastic results with the combined use of products alongside this treatment.

Environ is a prescription only range and may not be suitable for everyone, please make sure you seek advice before purchasing.




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