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Thread Vein Removal, everything you need to know.

Thread Vein Removal, everything you need to know.

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If you have facial thread veins, its likely you are fed up covering them every day with make up before you leave the house, how refreshing it would be to face the world bare faced!

Its a very common problem faced by both men and woman and can vary in degree. Thread veins are often referred to as broken veins ( the technical term is telangiectasia),unfortunately there is no exact cause but there are common factors which can aggravate them. Hormonal influences such as pregnancy or menopause can provoke the development of thread veins. As we age the elasticity in our skin decreases and so does the elasticity in our blood vessels. Its rare to see someone in their 20’s with facial thread veins and is much more common amongst men and woman over 60. Veins can also appear as a result of over exposure to the sun. Prevention is better than cure so whatever age you are, you should always protect your skin against UV, we recommend wearing an SPF 50 on your face all year round.

What ever the reason for the onset of thread veins there are options to consider in terms of removal of the thread veins and the correct products to consider which are gentle on the skin. Sclerotherapy is more commonly used to treat veins on the legs, this procedure is carried out by a qualified medical practitioner. Electrolysis is also used but less commonly nowadays as laser has taken the industry by storm, the laser treatment being less painful and with faster results.

Our laser treatment is very effective at removing fine thread veins. This treatment will eliminate the unwanted red veins and will not affect the surrounding skin on your face. This treatment works by laser light. It is directed at the veined area, causing them to heat up extremely fast, break down and collapse in on themselves. (A process also known as photothermolysis.) This treatment has better results when the veins are smaller (If the veins are left untreated, and become larger, it becomes slightly more difficult to remove them.) After only 3 treatments clients have noticed a 75% reduction to their thread veins – yet the total amount of treatments needed varies from client to client.

For one week before having the laser treatment, do not wax, or pluck in the treatment area – also do not bleach or use depilatory cream to avoid sensitivity. We recommend you avoid sunbathing/sun-beds and self-tanning products, as treatments cannot be performed on tanned skin. On the day of your treatment it is best to avoid swimming, vigorous exercise and any cosmetics on the area being treated. For 2 days after your laser treatment we advise you to avoid, saunas and steam room, vigorous exercise, swimming and make-up on the treated area.

One of the most common questions we are asked is whether this treatment is painful or not? Personally I would say no – as the sensation of the laser feels is likened to a rubber band flick to the naked skin. After each treatment the skin may appear to have a little erythema and slightly raised in the area worked on – not to worry though as this will go down in a few hours. That said, it may be best to arrange your treatment on your day off work incase the skin takes a while to settle down, we don’t want to have to explain to our co workers what we have been up to during our lunch break.

Your home care routine may alter slightly after having the laser thread vein treatment. We recommend keeping the skin cool, using Aloe Vera if the skin feels warm and flushed, and avoiding any harsh chemicals or abrasive products.  The Ultracalming range from Dermalogica is perfect to use following treatment as it is designed to reduce sensitivity.This ranges formula is pH balancing, redness reducing, and soothing to the skin – with ingredients like lavender, oat and cucumber it is sure to calm the skin.

The treatment cost can vary dependant on the number of veins that need treated. Prices at our clinic start from £60. After consultation we can advise you of the exact cost per session.

There are scores of clinics out there offering laser treatments, my best advice is to make sure the clinic you choose is registered by the RQIA, a list of registered clinics can be found on their website. Any clinic registered by the RQIA will have regular inspections to ensure standards are high and staff are properly trained.

For further information or to book a free consultation please give us a call.


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