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Our top tips to rehydrate the skin after summer.

Our top tips to rehydrate the skin after summer.

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Can you believe summer is over and autumn is in the air. After all the great adventures outdoors, what with the sun, sea and suncreams our skin may be in need of a little TLC.

We are all looking for firmer, smooth and hydrated skin. Whilst some people are blessed with a flawless, dewy complexion, the majority of us have to work hard to achieve the same. Hormone reduction like oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone results in a lack of collagen and skin elasticity, which causes the skin to thin out and more susceptible to dehydration. Fine wrinkles also appear when we are dehydrated, especially around the eyes, and lack of sleep will show up in puffiness. We are constantly told to drink at least 2 litres of water a day,it just doesn’t sound as appealing as a Latte, does it? In fact, drinking half your body weight in water a day is recommended, the calculation is if you weigh 140 lbs you will require 70 ounces of water, which is roughly two litres. Even when we drink enough water our skin can still be dehydrated, so what else can we do?

The do’s

What we definitely should be doing is feeding our skin the right food, vitamins and nutrients. Food and drinks containing vitamin C & E will assist with skin cells to hold moisture. Salmon, mackerel, almonds and walnuts that are high in Omega fatty acids will leave your skin beautiful. Top nutritionists say some foods, bag as much as 90 per cent water, making them the best choice to stay hydrated. Naturally high in fluids, are most fruits and vegetables and give the added advantage of minerals and vitamins. Drink liquids with every meal and snack to boost your intake. Carry a reusable water bottle and top up at work. Sometimes when you think you are hungry, it could be dehydration, have a glass of water. Drink water like its your job !!!

The don’t’s

It always seems to be the things we enjoy that really aren’t that good for us, moderation is the key !! The biggest culprits of draining water from your body and skin are alcohol, coffee, and smoking. Foods high in sodium will naturally draw water from the body, so avoid those crisps and salted nuts.

Super simple Tips:

Look for products containing Hyaluronic acid, this is a key ingredient in many skincare products and plays a huge role in the skins rejuvenation process. Not only does it help to hold moisture in the skin, it regulates tissue repair and helps to keep the skin to remain supple. Hyaluronic acid holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water, making it a super moisturiser.

Exfoliate regularly to ensure your skin is absorbing your hydrating products.

Carry a facial spritz in your handbag. Check out Jane Iredale’s pommist spray, it reignites your make up and leaves the skin feeling refreshed and hydrated.

Use a hydrating eye cream to keep this area delicate and smooth. The eye and neck areas are often neglected and are a giveaway to your age if you have neglected these areas.

Aloe Vera, a plant with natural healing properties can be used as a natural moisturiser.

Don’t neglect your feet …….If you find you have hard skin on your heels after a long summer of sandals and flip flops, try applying lotion to your feet at bedtime and wear socks in bed ( after just a few nights you will notice the difference)

It can be confusing to find the right beauty regime to ensure you are using the correct products to target dehydration, often confused with dry skin. Here at Beauty Haven we offer a face mapping service which gives an in-depth skin analysis using our skin scanner. We have the expertise to advise on the right products for your face and body. Some of our favourite products for combating dehydration are Dermalogica Skin smoothing cream, Overnight Repair Serum, Skin hydrating masque and from the body range, the Body hydrating cream is one of our top selling body products to leave your skin silky smooth and smelling gorgeous. You can always pop in for a chat and receive some free samples to try out at home.

Treat your skin kindly to delay the skin ageing and stay younger looking, for longer!!


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