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Sun damage & skin aging

Sun damage & skin aging

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Sun damage is the top cause of premature aging,  it shows in the form of wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, and can lead to a repressed immune system and the potential for skin cancer.  The best way to protect our skin against sun damage is to use an SPF everyday, even on overcast days UV light can still cause damage.  Even if exposure is limited to 20 minutes, cumulative exposure is enough to cause the signs of skin aging.

Many of Dermalogica’s skin range range include those all important SPF’s, some of our top sellers include:

From the  anti ageing range we have ‘skin perfect primer SPF30’ and ‘Dynamic skin recovery SPF 50’. From ultra calming range we have ‘ultra sensitive tint SPF30’ and ‘super sensitive shied SPF30’ and from the medibac range we have ‘oil free matte SPF 30’. New from Dermalogica’s brightening range we also have ‘pure light SPF 50’ great for pigmentation. Don’t forget to protect your eyes with ‘total eye care SPF 15’ and finally for the body ‘protection 50 sport SPF 50’.

Please ask in the salon if you’re not sure which product is suited to your skin type.

Many of our salon treatments will address problems associated with skin aging and pigmentation problems. Our Mesoestetic professional peels are fantastic for anti aging and reducing pigmentation. Ellipse IPL will remove age spots and rejuvenate the skin, so for a more youthful and clear complexion, contact us today for advice on which treatment is for you.

We are giving away these gorgeous solar defense bags ( while stocks last) with purchase of any product containng SPF throughout April.


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