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Pumpkin Health & Beauty Secrets

Pumpkin Health & Beauty Secrets

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Many of us often think of a pumpkin as a vegetable, but did you know it is technically a fruit because it is a member of the squash family? This nutritious fruit is not only great in our daily diets but also in our beauty regimes.

Pumpkin seeds contain powerful anti-ageing anti oxidants, as well as vitamin E and essentials acids which are vital for skin growth. The minerals and vitamins found in the seeds help to perk up the skin structure, ensuring it stays soft and flexible. They can protect your skin from ultra violet sunrays, smoothen it and protect it from production of dark freckles on the skin.

Another great benefit of pumpkins is that the combination of zinc and selenium in them helps fight against acne. Vitamin A is present in high levels in pumpkins and is very beneficial for the repairing of damaged and broken cells. Vitamins A & E and the fatty acids found in pumpkins are also very beneficial in keeping your hair and nails healthy.

To get into the Halloween spirit and expand your beauty regime, why not try a homemade pumpkin facial! Here’s a easy to make masque that will leave your skin feeling soft, clean and supple:

> Make a paste using a teaspoon of cinnamon powder, half a tablespoon of milk, a half tablespoon of honey, and 2 tablespoons of pumpkin.

> Wash your face and then apply the masque paste, leaving it on for 15-20mins.

> Wash the masque off using lukewarm water.

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