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So the summer is drawing to a close and the your tan has started to fade but you have noticed a few darker patches that were not there before. So what is it and what can you do about it?

Put quite simply this is pigmentation. Pigmentation is a harmless skin condition and is when some areas or patches of skin appear darker than the rest of the surrounding skin due to an over production of the pigment melanin on the skin. The main pigmentation conditions are, vitiligo, melasma and solar lentigo and they all share a common cause-sun exposure.

Melasma is the most common skin pigmentation disorder and results in hyper-pigmentation or dark spots on the skin and is usually found on the face, neck and arms. Although commonly brought on by sun exposure, these spots can also be brought on by hormonal changes and affect over 50% of women during pregnancy.

Treatments such as the Mesoestetic facial peel and Photo Rejuvenation using the Ellipse IPL machine are excellent ways in which to help improve the appearance of the pigmentation.

As well as having the treatments home care is vital for anyone wishing to reduce their pigmentation. The relatively new ChromaWhite range from Dermalogicais a step along the way to brighter more even looking skin. ChromaWhite is not just a pigment lightening product, it includes an entire system of products that are designed to optimise results by prepping the skin,preventing hyperpigmentation and protecting skin from future assault, all this without comprimising skin health. Clinical evaluations have demonstrated that exfoliating the pigmented area and protecting the skin from further UV-induced pigmentation are critical when working to correct hyperpigmentation.

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