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Our top ten laser hair removal tips

Our top ten laser hair removal tips

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Laser hair removal is an extremely popular treatment these days.  The success rate according to Vogue magazine is 90 percent of clients who receive laser hair and are suitable for laser treatment reported a reduction in hair loss after 3 to 6 sessions.

If you are considering ditching your razor in favour of laser we have put together our top 10 laser hair removal tips.

  1. Pre Treatment Care. Prior to your first treatment you are required to have a patch test to ensure you are suitable or the treatment. You will be advised not to use self tanning creams before treatment and you must void sun exposure 30 days before a  treatment.
  2. Post Treatment Care. After the Ellipse treatment it is common for the area to feel slightly warm. It is also common to experience some redness and mild tenderness. These symptoms may appear immediately or a few days after treatment. For 30 days after treatment you should avoid exposure to UV light i.e. sun beds and sun bathing and a high SPF30 should be applied when outside. This will protect the skin from hyper-pigmentation and sensitivity. Aloe vera is recommended to be used after treatment to reduce redness.
  3. Exfoliation . We recommend exfoliation 3 times a week for 3 weeks but not within the first 48 house. Exfoliating will encourage the dead roots to fall out after every treatment and leave the skin looking and feeling smoother.
  4. Photosensitivity.As with most other forms of hair removal treatments some medications can affect the outcome of the treatment making the skin photosensitive and which could lead to a burn from the treatment. If you are taking antibiotics the course would need to be finished a week prior to treatment. During your appointment a consultation form will be asked to be completed. Please list all your medications so we can check to see if there are any that are contra-indicated. Many drugs and herbal remedies cause photosensitivity to specific wavelengths of light. Certain skincare products with retinoids and AHA’s can increase skin cell turnover making the skin more susceptible to sunlight.
  5. How many treatments are required? Everyone’s skin and hair re-growth is different and the amount of sessions with vary from client to client. Laser hair removal works best when the hair is in the growing cycle, but there is no way of knowing exactly when this is.  This is why a course of six – eight treatments are recommended, For optimum results we highly recommend to complete the course of treatments even when the hair slows down in regrow
  6. Hair regrowth between treatments. Do shave in between treatments, this is only form of hair removal required. Do not wax, pluck, bleach or use hair removal creams.
  7. We are often asked, does the treatment hurt? The treatment is likened to the flick of an elastic band, you will feel a slight heat sensation. We advise you to avoid caffeine before laser treatment if you are feeling slightly nervous about your treatment. Caffeine heightens anxiety.
  8. Maintenance treatments.Once treatment is complete some hair will never grow back, however some hair may grow back and will require intermittent treatment every year or two. Any regrowth will be slower at growing back and the hair will be finer.
  9. Regulated services. When doing your research on which clinic to choose for your course of treatments, do not solely base your decision on price, make sure you are attending a regulated clinic. In Northern Ireland any clinic offering laser services must be regulated with the RQIA. Details of registered clinics and their inspections are published on their website www.rqia.org.uk
  10. Patience pays off, be regular with your appointments and only start your course when you know you won’t have any breaks in your treatment plan.

At Beauty Haven we pride ourselves in helping our clients decide the best form of hair removal treatment for them with no added pressure to sign on the dotted line. Any further questions please call 02890666628





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