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Living with Rosacea

Living with Rosacea

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Rosacea is a potentially life disruptive disorder most common in fair skinned woman.Rosacea mainly affects the skin on the face, its appearance can vary from one individual to another. Symptoms can include:


A persistant redness resembling a mild sunburn.

Dilated capillaries may become visible.

Bumps and pustules.

A feeling of tightness.

Slight swelling

Although the cause of Rosacea is not known there are certain things that can aggravate this condition such as alcohol consumption and spicy foods.Extremes of climate, sun/wind, and hot bathes should also be avaoided.

Oil Based facial creams should be avoided. Consider using Dermalogica Ultracalming Cleanser – a soothing ph balanced gel used to cleanse the face and eyes without stripping the skins protective barrier while helping to calm and cool sensitised or highly reactive skin. Also worth trying is Dermalogica Barrier Repair-a unique moisturiser that will soothe sensitised skin and help repair damage from environmental aggression whilst creating a sheild against environmental assault.

One of the best salon treatments for Rosacea is Intense Pulse Light (broad spectrum). Further details on photorejuvenation/thread vein treatments treatments on our previous blog.

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