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IPL is an intense pulsed light of a certain waveband (a range of wavelengths). A laser could be described as an intense pulsed light of only one wavelength, so it is very similar, in that respect. And regardless of the energy used light of the same wavelength will go only a certain maximum distance into the skin (if it does not have enough energy, it will not go as far as that maximum distance). The higher the wavelength, the greater the distance the light can travel into the skin – so light from a laser at 810nm will not go quite as far as the light produced by Ellipse I2PL at 950nm.

For hair removal the light does not have to go that far, because when the light from laser or IPL hits the melanin (pigment in the hair) it is converted into heat, and that heat easily travels down the hair.

Far more relevant is the absorption curve for the pigment. Ellipse I2PL produces light in a precise waveband from 600-950nm, and at 600nm the light is much more easily converted into heat than at either 810nm or 1064nm (laser waveband) this means more effective treatments with less discomfort and less energy.

Ellipse IPL clinical studies have proven that 80 – 95% reduction can be achieved within 6 treatments. These studies have been accepted for publication in leading medical journals, and document the safety and effectiveness of Ellipse I2PL treatment. Ellipse is the first manufacturer to have a 10 year follow up study proving long term efficiency of hair removal.

With Ellipse IPL treatments the client should never be in pain. The intensity is very manageable and adjustable according to the specific clients’ pain threshold. With Ellipse all unnecessary and harmful light is removed from the treatment. The skin is therefore not heated, and we do not need a cooling system.

Skin Doctors divide skin into 6 types. Type 1, people who go red and burn easily. Type 2 is a typical Northern European Skin, Type 3 typical Mediterranean skin, Type 4 is light Indian, and type 5 dark Indian or Afro American and finally type 6 is dark African. Ellipse I2PL has been proven to work effectively and safely on all 6 skin types.

The Ellipse I2PL can cause a slight redness around hairs or slight swelling around the individual hair, this will normally disappear within 45 minutes to 2 hours. This is because the system filters out those wavelengths that heat water in the skin and because pulse times are automatically selected for the individual client.

Both lasers and Intense Pulsed light system can cause burns, usually as a result of poor operator training, inattention to how sun tanned a client is or clients who do not reveal that they are on certain medications. Ellipse L2PL safety record is second to none, ellipse operators are trained to a very high standard, but also because the system does not allow an operator to treat a combination of skin type and suntan.

No system on the market can claim Permanent Hair Removal, seen as hair removal is influenced by age, hormonal changes in the body ete etc. Therefore all clients who had either IPL/Laser treatments can experience hair growing back/new hair forming at some point. Clinical studies have proven that IPL results last longer than laser results.

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