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27. Inch loss for bikini bodies this summer.

27. Inch loss for bikini bodies this summer.

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Guaranteed inch loss.

Beauty is more than skin deep, it is so important to love our bodies – even with their imperfections. The mind matters too…our low self esteem and our unease with the image we have of ourselves are testimonial to this. We can’t do everything for ourselves – so it is power for the course to seek help. Beauty Haven staff love to come to the assistance of their clientele and are committed to providing a  positive outcome.


Beauty, health and wellbeing are inextricably linked – bodies are miraculous they can heal themselves, spread disease and produce toxins depending on how we nourish and care for them. The Harley Body Wrap has many benefits, it uses a formula containing aloe vera, collagen, vitamins and minerals, this can firm, tone, condition, dislodge toxins and ease psoriasis, eczema and sunburn – all on top of taking inches off our bodies.


We should understand the skin is the largest eliminative and absorbing organ – the relevance being…..when we wrap you up in warm bandages soaked in the formula already mentioned the heat opens the pores and the formula helps dislodge the toxin build up trapped in dimply / fat prone areas, this is flushed into the lymphatic system and is eventually flushed out through the bodys’ natural waste system. It is important to drink a lot of water over the 48 hours following the wrap to help the body flush out the toxins still in the system.


Action taken……………..positive results.

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