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Are you fed up of that dark shadow you get so quickly after shaving, especially during the summer when we are so exposed? Why not try our Ellipse IPL hair removal treatment, which is clinically proven to offer effective results of unwanted hair.

Controlled pulses of light penetrate through the Epidermis to be absorbed by the melanin within the hair allowing  the folicle in which the hair grows from to be destroyed. The melanin converts the light into heat, which prevents the folicle from producing hair. Hair grows through different cycles which means hairs that are resting will be treated at a later stage whilst hairs which are growing will be treated there and then.

Ellipse hair removal can treat all areas of the body such as legs, bikini, upper lip and underarms. As the light is absorbed by melanin, the hairs need to be dark for this to be effective. Treatments should be taken 4-6 weeks apart depending on the area. We would recommend 6-8 sessions initially with possible maintenance sessions to follow. At Beauty Haven we have a course payment set up which is 6 sessions for the price of 5 with payment upfront or alternatively you can pay per session.

Throughout the month of August we are doing 25% off courses of hair removal so if you have been thinking about trying it, now is the time to try it as prices are at there lowest!

Not only does Ellipse ipl offer hair removal, it also treats thread veins (broken capillaries) on the face, acne scarring and offers a firming treatment for aging skin. We would usually recommend at least 3 sessions of these treatments initially.

To see more pictures of results for hair removal, visit the Ellipse website at http://www.ellipse.com/en-NEW/Hair-removal.1829.aspx
For a video demonstrating laser hair removal, refer to this clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYNu9vPJPiM

For results of photorejuvenation http://www.ellipse.com/en/Photo-rejuvenation.1830.aspx

You can always find more information on the Ellipse IPL website which is http://www.ellipse.com/en/Home.2084.aspx

Do not hesistate to contact Beauty Haven for any further information on 02890 666628 if you are interested in trying Laser.



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