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Facial Peels to treat adult acne.

Facial Peels to treat adult acne.

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Just when you think you have grown out of your bad skin days – adult acne strikes!!!

Acne can rob you of a huge part of your life, whilst being a physical condition the psychological impact can destroy confidence, relationships, and can dramatically change your way of living.

The skin has thousands of tiny hair follicles each containing a sebaceous gland – producing sebum. A reaction of the gland to the hormone testosterone causes an overproduction of sebum and together with dead skin cells blocks the follicle, causing a blackhead. If the grease and bacteria can’t escape whiteheads and cysts with sebum and pus form. Usual causes of adult acne are hormonal and faulty closing of the hair duct.

It is vital to keep the skin clean, removing excess grease with a good cleansing regime. Skin peeling has proven successful as the peeling action reduces inflammation and unblocks pores, pore size will also be reduced along with oil production and acneic activity.

Our Mesoestetic Facials Peels are an exciting new treatment aimed for skin conditions such as acneic skin. The application of substances of an acid nature are applied to the skin to evoke a reaction, stimulating the natural healing process. This will replace and renew the deteriorated skin, resulting in a newer, younger, and more revitalised one.

We recommend a course of six treatments, however, you will have results after one.

Treatments cost £45 and take about 40 minutes.

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