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Blast away cellulite part 3

Blast away cellulite part 3

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Blast away cellulite part 3.

Cellulite is caused by cells and connective tissue that have been damaged. A destructive effect to our body tissue is the creation of free radicals. If we are to prevent the damage that will lead to cellulite we need to be aware of some of the problem causing sources.

A few sources of free radical damage.  UV rays from the sun, pollution, cigarette smoke, stress, depression, lack of sleep, poor diet, and strenuous exercise.

 As these different forms of stresses hit our bodies they attack the outer parts of our cells first, namely the cell wall. A cell wall contains molecules that have electrons, once unstable, the instability spreads like wildfire causing damage. The only molecules that can lose electrons without causing instability are antioxidant molecules.

Antioxidants. Age and disease fighters. Antioxidants are naturally occurring substances such as citrus fruits, whole grain grains, breads and nuts, carrots, orange and yellow fruits and vegetables, green tea, grapes and pomegranates. Antioxidants have the ability to disarm free radicals, so it is important to fit as many antioxidants into your diet as possible.

Inflammation. Another force in the breakdown of tissue leading to cellulite is the natural factor of inflammation. Inflammation – red, swollen, pink skin is your body dilating blood vessels to flood the affected areas with special anti inflammatory nutrients. Unfortunately working this hard for long periods of time can lead to destruction also, it is therefore important to use soothing anti inflammatory ingredients internally ( by mouth) and externally to help prevent inflammationdamaging the cells inside your body and the dermis. Topical and internal anti inflammatories include arnica, aloe Vera, chamomile and zinc.

The Stratum Corneum.

The last method of protecting your body cells that lead to cellulite. The stratum corneum is the outer layer of dead and dying cells on the skin. This is our main barrier against toxins trying to enter and toxins trying to leave our skin. When we allow damage causing free radicals or inflammation our tissues weaken, causing cellulite. If we are to keep this damage out and water in we need a strong stratum corneum. The dead skin cells are like a strong wall and as the cells get older and dryer they lose their protective function. We deal with this by producing new skin, however the cell renewal process slows down as we get older and this outer layer becomes jam packed needing some assistance to create an effective barrier…..to reinforce this barrier as we have previously talked about is the importance of exfoliation.

Try the following Dermalogica products available at Beauty Haven:

 Dermalogica exfoliating body scrub

Hydro active mineral salts.

A great salon treatment for exfoliation is Dermalogica’s Hydro active salt scrub (£25).

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