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5 Ways to Hydrate the skin

5 Ways to Hydrate the skin

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What is the difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin ?

Dry skin is often hereditary and is considered a skin type whereas dehydrated skin is a temporary condition and can be easily remedied.

As we age oil production reduces, this can be the main factor in mature ladies having dehydrated skin so keep the showers at a lower temperature keep baths luke-warm ( warm enough for you to still enjoy) and use a good moisturiser on the skin as soon as you have dried off to hydrate and keep the appearance of a fresher younger looking skin.

Most people think of water when they hear hydration. Increasing your water intake will help to keep skin hydrated however that alone is not enough , dehydrated skin can be caused by a number of things such as extreme temperatures which can damage the skins natural barrier, overly abrasive exfoliation, and aggressive cleansers. Air conditioning can be a factor in contributing to dehydrated skin and not forgetting stress that can cause the body to overproduce cortisol which can affect the bodies ability to retain water.

Some signs of dehydrated skin include:

Lines and wrinkles become more obvious.

Skin appearance is dull.

Skin can feel tight.

Skin can feel dry and rough.

Easy tips on keeping skin hydrated

Using the correct skin care on a regular basis such as first thing in the morning then last thing at night will strengthen the skins natural barrier . Include exfoliation once or twice a week to rid the skin of dead skin cells.

Drinking water along with a healthy diet and life style helps  keeps the skin looking its best . Foods high in Omega 3 are a valuable source of hydration.

Healthy skin begins from within, we can introduce supplements to our daily skin routine such as omega 3 fish oils , vitamin c & collagen capsules being amongst our favourites. Advanced Nutrition Programme supplements can be bought from us online or in salon.

Hydrated skin appears more plump and youthful, using hydrating skin care products is key for a healthy and flawless looking skin.

Environ Super Moisturiser is £33 is an intensely moisturising cream formulated to regulate the skins natural moisture levels. Can’t say enough about this product, the skin feels amazing with this product.

Environ Hydrating Oil Capsules £49. These capsules contain a low level of retinol to help with cell renewal, brightening and smoothing. This product leaves the skin silky smooth and will revive a dry and dull skin.

Environ Hydrating Serum £69.95 This serum contains hyaluronic acid in high, effective doses for visible results, the skin will look more hydrated and plumped up.

If you like a good face mask, look no further than Environ’s Revival Mask. £58 Nicknamed facelift in a jar this product promotes the effects of the skins natural hydration and leaves the skin with a healthy radiance.

We don’t have to accept a dry or dehydrated skin. Finding a hydrating skin care range can lock in moisture in and slow the ageing process.

For further advice on the correct products book an online skin consultation via our website www.beautyhavenbelfast.com

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