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Why choose Laser Hair removal?

Why choose Laser Hair removal?

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We have explained a little about electrolysis already but what about laser/IPL hair removal and why choose laser over electrolysis or vice versa?

We feel passionate about our Ellipse IPL hair removal treatment, and understand excessive and unsightly body hair can be upsetting – affecting our social and phychological wellbeing.

Ellipse IPL uses controlled and filtered light, the energy is absorbed by the hair which creates a heat that destroys the hair root without causing damage to the skin.The light is quickly passed over the area treating many hairs at a time. Ellipse works best on dark hair which is why we still very much use electrolysis if the hair is white, red or grey in colour. If you are pale skinned and have dark hair you are the perfect laser customer. Results vary from person to person but we often find you will achieve around 85% permanent hair reduction after 6 -8 treatments. The treatment is best carried out in the Autumn and Winter seasons as you are advised to avoid sunlight for 30 days before and after treatment.

Both Electrolysis and Laser are effective ways to permanently get rid of unwanted hair, there is no doubt that of the two, Laser will achieve faster results, however if you are not the correct colouring for Laser it will be a waste of money however don’t discount electrolysis, it has been around for a long time and although can be a bit slower it will still achieve the same end result.

Please feel free to call us for advice on either of these treatments.

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