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What is Electrolysis?

What is Electrolysis?

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Electrolysis is a fine needle with eletric current which is inserted into a hair folicle to destroy the root. It offers permanant hair removal, although multiple sessions are required to give the best result. Hair grows in 3 different stages, growing, resting and shedding, so it is important to have multiple sessions of electrolysis, to ensure all hairs are being treated at the best stage. Not all hairs are at the same stage at any one time.

Unlike Laser treatments, electrolysis can be carried out on any skin and hair type. You can treat a small area at a time with removal of individual hairs. Laser treatments are usually recommended every 4-6 weeks depending on the area, whereas electrolysis may be carried out weekly if  necessary.

Although electrolysis works on all skin and hair types, there are contraindications which would mean treatment would not be suitable. These would consist of skin infections, recent scar tissue, sun burn, pregnancy, Epilepsy and metal plates in the area to be treated. There are some conditions which would require a Doctor’s letter prior to treatment such as high blood pressure, a heart condition and asthma. The pain may trigger any of these conditions.

Electrolysys is priced according to the length of time you are treated for. 10 minutes or less is £9, 15 minutes is £12, 20 minutes is £16 and 30 minutes is £20. Initally we would recommend you have 10-15 minutes to let your skin adjust and let you get used to the sensation. Your therapist will then advise you how long a session you require and how often to come in.

The skin can be sensitive and slightly bumpy after treatment. We recommend the use of aloe vera and a cold compress if necessary to cool the skin. This is only a tempory reaction of usually up to 24 hours .

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