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What eyebrow shape suits you?

What eyebrow shape suits you?

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Tweezers… friend or foe? Have you over plucked, left gaps in your brows that won’t grow back, I think the truth is at some stage we have all done it!

Eyebrows are arguably one of the most important features on your face—they frame your eyes and express your personality. Lets have a look at the best brow-shaping techniques for you.

Long: Its important to balance the length of your face by avoiding arches, try and stick to thick, straight-arched brows.

Short: Thin brows with higher arches will lengthen the face.

Round: Keep your brows medium thickness with an arched brow as this will help slim the middle region of the face.A longer brow creates a triangular symmetry between your brows and chin and gives the illusion of a heart shape.

Oval: To widen an oval face keep the brows shorter, this will give the appearance of larger cheeks.

Heart shaped: This face shape can hold most brow styles except for straight brows.

Square: Naturally shaped brows are best to soften an angular face, try to avoid dramatic arches or overly flat brows that can enhance a strong jawline.

Many end up with angry looking brows ( as worn by Snow White”s wicked queen) because they tweeze too much or overdose on Botox. Allow a few hairs to grow back underneath the brow, the flattened brow shape reduces the distance between the lashes and the arch, creating a friendlier expression.



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