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What can I do about thread veins?

What can I do about thread veins?

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Are you looking for a more permanent solution to thread veins?Perhaps you are fed-up covering your face with concealer to hide your thread veins? Thread veins are harmless but can cause self esteem issues, especially if you have them on your face. They are common amongst people in their 40’s and upwards and can appear anywhere on the body.

What are Thread veins?

Thread veins are small blood vessels which when damaged or disrupted form a web design on the surface of the skin, hence sometimes called spider veins or broken capillaries.

What causes Thread veins?

Genetics play their part but mainly placing undue pressure on the small blood vessels causes thread veins to appear. Certain foods and beverages will trigger the condition, spicy foods, caffeine and alcohol all contribute. Also prolonged exposure to the sun and sun beds can help the formation of thread veins.

What can I do about thread veins?

As with most health conditions, prevention is better than cure. Keeping a healthy vascular system and including exercise in your regime helps blood pressure to remain normal. Avoid excess sun exposure and understanding your triggers, for example spicy food and alcohol can cause the skin to flush excessively in some people. However, should you have thread veins then its worth considering laser technology. We use the Ellipse Sirius, the system operates by delivering pulses of energy that directly target the vessels that require treatment without affecting the surrounding vessels.

What can I expect during treatment?

We would book you in for a 20 minute consultation to meet with you and discuss your treatment goals. A small patch test using the Ellipse system will be carried out on the area we plan to treat. Any questions you have will be answered and a treatment plan including costs will be discussed.

What happens after consultation?

After your consultation we ask you to call us to arrange an appointment, providing you have no adverse reaction to the patch test.  The Ellipse system uses exclusive selective wavelength technology to deliver narrowband light direct to the area being treated, allowing less heat on the skin.

How many treatments are required?

The number of treatments will depend on the location and the number of vessels being treated. Usually 3 treatments are recommended with 4 weekly intervals. The treatment time depends on the area to be covered and the number of distinct vessels. Smaller vessels can disappear quickly after treatment, whereas larger vessels will fade away gradually over the next few weeks. Patients experience low downtime, with possible swelling, and redness which disappears within 1 to 4 days.

Will they be gone for good?

Home-care is important to the success of the treatment. Incorporating key products into your regime will help, plus avoiding your triggers and sun exposure.

Statistics recently received form Nordys, the system suppliers reported 83% of patients had a greater than 50% improvement in cleared vessels. 78% of patients with rosacea reported being very satisfied after treatment.

Recommended products

Environ RAD SPF a must to protect the skin from further damage from the sun.

Environ Colostrum Gel to protect the skin from internal and external stress.

Dermalogica Barrier Repair a moisturiser to help protect the skin from environmental assault and aid with restoring a healthy barrier function.

The Ellipse system has clinically proven results across multiple types of vascular lesions including Rosacea.

Regain your confidence, rejuvenate your skin and keep a younger and healthier look.


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